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2020.9. 5

Masterpiece Concert scheduled on September 12 (Seat Change Request / Change in the conductor)

Masterpiece Concert scheduled on September 12 (Seat Change Request / Change in the conductor)

As to follow the guidelines of Infection prevention and control of COVID-19, policies of Government of Japan and local authorities, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra has reviewed the total number of audience allowed inside the concert hall, and the seating plan, the program content and other necessary procedures requested as an organizer of the concert. Taking necessary actions for the prevention of COVID-19, the orchestra has decided to present the Masterpiece Concert on September 10.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


【Prevention for COVID-19 and our request】

Following the guidelines set by The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan and Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, together with advice from medical professions, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will take actions listed below. For those guests who join us at the concert hall, please confirm the precautions and requests before coming to the hall.


≪Prevention Action≫

※Your body temperature will be measured upon entrance. If your body temperature is above 37.5 Celsius, we ask you not to attend the concert.
※As we need to obtain your contacting information upon entrance, please write in your name and telephone number on your ticket (back right side).


【Change of your seats】

『Guideline to prevent further infection of COVID-19 at Theaters and Halls』requests that guests will be seated with one empty seat away from other neighboring guests. For those who have already purchased the seat, kindly allow us to change your seat within the same rank.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.


【Opening of the hall】

The hall will be opened at 1pm and the concert starts at 2pm.


【Change of the Conductor】

Mo. Hubert Soudant who was scheduled to join us for Masterpiece Concert on September12 is to cancel his appearance because of the limitation in entering Japan due to COVID-19. Mo. Kentaro Kawase will be appearing for this concert. There will be no change in the program.

≪Concert Details≫


【Ticket Sales on the day of the concert】

There will be no additional ticket sales for this concert.

【Exiting from the hall after the concert】

We ask guests to exit the hall in orderly fashion, in order to avoid congestion. Please follow the instructions given by staff and announcement.

【Refund policy】

If you are worried on your health condition, or from any other reason and cannot attend the concert, we will refund your ticket.

Ticket Refund is accepted at the office of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. You can also send your ticket to our office for the refund. (There will be no refund at the Ticket offices.) 

Please send your ticket by a Letter Pack Light or any other registered postal service (postmark must be no later than September 18).

●Please enclose your ticket and your bank information which you would like to receive your refund.

※Bank information must include<Your Name/ Address/ Telephone Number/ Name of Bank/ Branch Name (or branch code)/ Ordinary account/ Account Number/ Account Name with Furigana>

●We kindly request that the guest will bear any expense necessary for ticket refund including postal and bank transfer fees.



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