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Concerts for Younger People

Kitara First Concert / Sapporo Metropolitan Area Junior Concert

Kitara First Concert
by courtesy of Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara

Kitara First Concert has started on 2004 for all the 6th grade elementary school pupils studying in city of Sapporo. Every year 9 concerts are held, and approximately 15,000 pupils enjoy the concerts by Sapporo Symphony Orchetra. This activity has expanded towards the metropolitan areas around Sapporo, which consist of 8 cities, towns and villages.

Concert Schedule for the fiscal 2023

10/10~13、11/15~17 Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara

Doshin Junior Classic / Junior Classic Concerts

Doshin Junior Classic / Pricky Junior Classic

Junior Classic Concerts are held for Elementary and Junior High students. Some concerts are sponsored by municipal government offices, and supported by the Hokkaido Shimbun and other organizations. The Sakkyo Volunteer Pricky also co-sponsor some concerts.

Junor Classic Concerts for fiscal 2023

6/19 Asahikawa 6/20 Eniwa
6/28 Noboribetsu 8/30 Otaru
9/23 Tomakomai 10/25 Otofuke
10/26 Obihiro 11/24 Sapporo

Agency of Culture : Children Development Program by Culture and Arts (Tour to schools)

Children Development Program, Agency of Culture

School Visit Concerts sponsored by the Agency of Culture. For the concerts in schools, we present not only music but introduce instruments, and perform school songs. Prior to a visit by the orchestra, a small number of musicians go to each school and give a short presentation. The pre-visit makes students familiar to the classic-symphonic concert, and something to look forward to.

Visiting Schools – fiscal 2023-

9/25 Monbetsu 9/26 Shimokawa
9/27 Asahikawa 9/28 Bibai
11/28 Otaru 11/29 Sapporo
11/30 Kitahiro

Collaboration & Development

Program for Music Creation

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra hopes children with abilities to experience joy in music. We present music education program collaborated with school education. Through a workshop, we hope children to know joy and happiness gained from thinking and by imagination.

Clinic for Brass Band Players

As a specialist in instruments, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra carries out Instrumental Clinic for young brass band players, cooperating with the local boards of educations and brass band federations within Hokkaido. This project is supported by organizations including "Do-Re-Mi-no-Hako Music Fundraising."

Concert Schedule for the fiscal 2023

Music School by Do-Re-Mi-no-Hako (TBD)
Instrumental Clinics (TBD)

Special Support Schools Concerts

As commissioned by Hokkaido Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra members visit Special Support Schools to present ensemble concerts.

Concert Schedule for the fiscal 2023

7/25 Shirakaba Highschool of Special Needs Education 9/12 Muroran School for Special Needs Education
10/19 Takasu School for Special Needs Education 10/20 Nanporo School for Special Needs Education
11/1 Sapporo School for the Deaf 12/1 Hoshimi High School for Special Need Education
12/12 Nakashibetsu High School for Special Need Education

Collaboration with Universities / Comprehensive Learning

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra has concluded mutual cooperation agreement with the Hokkaido University of Education in 2005. Orchestra will present lectures and accept internships from the University. In addtion to this, the orchestra concluded cordination and cooperation agreement with Sapporo Otani University in 2016. Students of Otani appear on the stage and the orchestra sends in lecturers to present special lectures. Musicians and office staff also attend the elementary, junior high and senior high students visiting as a part of school visits and/or comprehensive learning hours.

Activities in Community

Doshin Welfare Fund Concerts

With an assistance from Hokkaido Shimbun Social Welfare Fund, together with Red Feather Community Fund, we visit hospitals and welfare facilities. Small size ensemble concerts are held within the city of Sapporo and nearby towns where the orchestra itself given a concert.

Concert Schedule for the fiscal 2023


Visiting Communities

Meeting people and communicating with our supporters through music are very important. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra visits communities and presents small size ensembles in various ways.

Concert Schedule for the fiscal 2023

7/9 Hokuyobank presents 26th classical Concert(Bibai citizen hall)~String Ensemble  7/21 JR Tower Myomu concert~Culture-night (JR Tower)~Wind Quintet

Lobby Concert at the Subscription

Lobby Concert before the Subscription © M.Sato

Orchestra members present the Lobby Concert at the hall lobby before the start of each subscription concert. Members also welcome the guests and express their thanks at the end of the concert. We feel fact to face contact is essential.