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2022-2023 Season
Listen to Masterpiece Concerts

Sakkyo Masterpiece Concert started in 1996 for you to get familiar with classics on Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Kitara.

A set of Four Your seat is reserved for 4 concerts a year around. ≪Will be on sale starting February 22, 2022≫
Single Tickets Try as a visitor!
My Favorite 3 You can mix any 3 concerts from subscription/hitaru/masterpiece≪Feb 22, 2022 application starts≫
Invitation for Younger People Invitation for the Younger People

A set of Four

Your Seat is reserved for 4 concerts a year around. ≪Will be on sale starting Feb 22, 2022≫

You can enjoy each concert in our same seat. Ticket is a set of 4 consecutives.
A set of Four is a reasonable price- 20% discount compared to four single tickets.
Seat area, number of seats and period of sales are exclusive.
Sale starts in Feb 22, 2022.


SS S A U25 (A)
16,000 yen 12,800 yen 9,600 yen 4,000 yen
SS 16,000 yen
S 12,800 yen
A 9,600 yen
U25 (A) 4,000 yen

Ticket Office

Doshin Playguide, Community plaza Ticket center and Kitara Ticket Center.

●Doshin Playguide (Hokkaido Shimbun Headquarters 1st floor) (Japanese only)  /TEL:+81(0)570-00-3871
Address:Hokkaido Shimbun 1st floor, Odori Nishi 3-chome Chuo-ku Sapporo 060-8711

●Community Plaza Ticket Center
Address:Sapporo Community Plaza 2nd Floor, Kita-1, Nishi-1, Chuo-ku Sapporo 060-0001

●Kitara Ticket Center /TEL:+81(0)11-520-1234

※Sakkyo Members can purchase a set of four from to Doshin Playguide members and Kitara Club Members can purchase earlier and the details will be announced from each organizer.

Single Ticket

Ticket Office Sale

Sakkyo Members can purchase earlier.


SS S A U25 (A)
5,000 yen 4,000 yen 3,000 yen 1,200 yen

●Sakkyo Members can purchase SS and S tickets with 500 yen discount.
●Sakkyo Members can purchase single tickets before the start of general sales.
●Patronage “Be a fan” can be used for SS, S and A.

SS 5,000 yen
S 4,000 yen
A 3,000 yen
U25 (A) 1,200 yen

●Sakkyo Members can purchase SS and S tickets with 500 yen discount.
●Sakkyo Members can purchase single tickets before the start of general sales.
●Patronage “Be a fan” can be used for SS, S and A.

Ticket Offices

Single Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Offices. Additional charge may be necessary depending on the Ticket Office procedures.
No cancellation or refund is accepted once you made your payment.
Except for the concerts cancelled by force majeure, there will be no refund of your ticket.

※Seats for single ticket allocation will not be changed into a set of Four.
※Ticket may be on sale at the hall on the day of the concert if not sold out.
※Whether or not ticket be on sale will be announced on our website a day before a concert date.

My Favorite 3

Select your most three with discount

You can choose your best three concerts and get them with discount.

Concerts for Favorite Subscription Concert・hitaru Subscription Series・Masterpiece Concert (excluding Sakkyo the Ninth Concert)
Price 12,000 yen (Limited to 100 seats)
How to Select your favorite 3 Any 3 concerts during one fiscal year, and seat area will be A orB in principal.

Only one ticket can be chosen from one concert.
If you wish to attend the concerts with your friends or with your family members, purchase the number of favorites according to the number of members who wold like to go together, and make a “Set request.” With your request, we will arrange the adjacent seats to be reserved.
Sale starts from Tuesday, February 22, 2022 from 10am
How to buy ♪Lawson Ticket (Online and Loppi)
Please visit the following site(Japanese only) or Lawson shop and select your concert dates and make your payment. Your tickets will be sent to you from the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra on a later date.

・Lawson Ticket Site (Credit card / Chocom eMoney)

・Lawson / MINISTOP “Loppi” (Credit card / Cash)

♪Kitara Shop
in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara
Open hours 10:00am〜5:00pm
(Open hours change according to the concert hours. )

How can I receive the tickets? Your tickets will be sent to the registered address that you have written on the application form by post (Letter Pack).
You can arrange tickets to be sent to other address as a present.
All the 3 tickets will be sent as a single packet.

Invitation for the Younger People

Special Set Tickets and Invitation for the Younger People

Invitation for Younger People
・Sakkyo Volunteer “Pricky” invites Young People to Masterpiece Concert. Application is essential for limited number. Accompanied adults can join with a discounted ticket.(Click here
  • U25 for the fiscal 2022 is for those who are born on 1997 or after. Requested to show the birth certificate.
  • Preschoolers cannot attend the concert. Charged babysit service is available upon reservation.
  • All prices include consumption tax.
  • Extra charge may be necessary for receiving your ticket, depending on the purchase procedure.
  • Contact Sapporo Symphony Orchestra if you wish to purchase wheelchair seats or accompanying a guide dog.
  • No refund or change on your behalf is acceptable after your payment is completed.