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Invitation for Younger PeopleConcert & Ticket

Inviting Young Listeners to the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Concerts

Invitation to the Subscription Concerts ~Pricky School【Recruitment for 2020-2021season】

Pricky School will start recruitment of young listeners to the Subscription Concert. Outline of Pricky School will be announced on this website on later date.

Invitation to the Masterpiece Concerts【2020-2021Season 】

A total of 50 students (3rd to 6th grades, junior-high and senior-high students) are to be invited to all the five Masterpiece Concerts.
Apply and experience the sound of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in the world-renowned Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara.
Tickets for maximum of 2 people who wish to accompany a student can purchase the ticket 2,000 yen per person.

Please follow the instructions below and apply via email.
Further details will be notified to those who applied after closing of the application.
※ Application procedure is not the same as that of the Pricky School.

How to apply
■via email
    send to = on
  1. Re:Masterpiece Concert Young Listeners Invitation
  2. include the following information:
    • 1.Concert Date and Name that you wish to apply
    • 2.Name, name of the school and grade (please write in this information of all the applicants)
    • 3.Any accompanying person and his/her name. (if none, write NO accompanying person)
    • 4.Telephone number of the applicant or the representative person
    • 5.Email that can receive a reply.
Deadline of the applicatoin NO later than 2 weeks before Monday that you wish to apply.
Masterpiece Concerts on the list Masterpiece Concerts 2020-2021
“Music Toy Box”(April 11)
“Waltz, Waltz, Waltz“(June 20)
“Music Sketch”(September 12)
“Beethoven 250th anniversary of his birth” (October 10)

For more details, please check Masterpiece Concerts 2020-2021
Inquiry Pricky personnel, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
TEL:+81(0)11-520-1771(weekdays 9:30-18:00)

※ Parents or guardians who wish to accompany students can apply for the accompaniment ticket (2,000 yen per person, maximum of 2 people per student). Please write in the names of people who wish to accompany.

※ If school wishes to apply for this invitation, one supervisor per school is free to enter.

※ In case application number exceeds 50, there will be a lottery. Notification would then be made to those who were successful.

※ Date obtained from the application will be utilized in making announcement of the invited concerts. The participants may be asked to answer questionnaires.

For the 2019-2020,
”INVITING the YOUNG LISTENERS” is sponsored by the Sakkyo Volunteer Group “Pricky.” Nominal Supports by City of Sapporo and Sapporo Board of Education