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Inviting Young Listeners to the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

Invitation to the Subscription Concerts ~ by Pricky

For every Subscription Concert, hitaru Series Concert and Masterpiece Concert in the fiscal 2022, there will be invitation of 10 seats available for Elementary, Junior High and High School students.
Application for this invitation will be accepted for each Concert. (Pricky School will be cloased for the fiscal 2021.) It is our hope to invite as many children as possible and listen to the concert.
Application is to be accepted via email. Please check below for more details.

※Invitation for Masterpiece Concerts, the series that starts from August is planned to start from July. Please wait for an additional announcement on this website.

Concerts to be invited
①2022 Subscription Concert – Total of 8 concerts
Details on each concert are on this website.
You can select either day of the week.
②2022 hitaru Series Concert – Total of 4 concerts
Details on each concert are on this website.
③2022 Masterpiece Concert – Total of 4 concerts
Details on each concert are on this website.
Who are to be invited Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High School students (10 students for each concert- if application exceeds 10, there will be a lottery to select successful applicants.)
Accompanying guardian can attend the same concert with 3,000 yen.
How to apply ■Apply by email
    Send your email to=
  1. RE: “Pricky Young Listener Invitation”
  2. Within your email, please write
    • 1. Date of the concert that you would like to apply, and the name of the concert
    • 2. Your name (who to be invited) and grade- if you wish to apply with your friends, please write in all the names and their grades.
    • 3. Accompanying adults if any – if there is more than one guardian accompanying the invitee, write in all the names.
    • 4. Telephone Number
    • 5. Return email address
    • ※If there is any special request such as wheelchair, please give us your information. Kindly understand that we cannot answer your request on where or what area you would like to be seated.
Application must be send by 2 weeks before the concert that you would like to apply
Result of your application Email will be sent to you by Wednesday of a week before your applied concert.
Inquiry Pricky c/o Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
TEL 011-520-1771 (weekdays between 9:30-18:00, closed on certain Mondays.)

※ Father, Mother or Guardian who wish to attend the concert with the invitee, he/she can purchase a ticket next to the invitee with 3,000 yen- specially arranged. Please give us names of accompanying adult(s) with application.

※If application is made by School as an unit, one teacher who would be guiding students are free to enter.

※ If the number of application exceeds 10, lottery will take place and any announcement will be made to successful applicants.

※Information given for this invitation will only be used to Pricky Invitation of Young Listener Project. Those who applied may be asked to answer questionnaires.

2022-2023 Inviting Young Listener Project
is carried out by Sakkyo Volunteer “Pricky”