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Ticket Information

Tickets (single tickets) for the concerts sponsored by the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra (Subscription, Masterpiece Series and Special Concerts) are sold at the Ticket Agencies.
Tickets for the Other Concerts may vary. Please contact the sponsor.

  • If you are a subscription or patronage member of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, you can purchase tickets of the orchestra sponsored concerts in advance and/or with discount. You need to show your membership card, and/or membership number, or ID and password. Extent of this advance and/or discount may vary.
  • You need to show a certificate with your birthdate if you wish to purchase U25 tickets. For the fiscal 2019, those born in 1994 or later can purchase U25.
  • For the subscription concerts, becoming a ”Subscriber”is the easiest and most cost-effective. There are also beneficial programs if you are a subscriber. Other than annual subscriber, there are Lucky Friday Club Smile Friday Club (newly started in 2018) , and My Favorite 3

Ticket Agency

Tickets for the concerts sponsored by the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra are sold at Kitara Ticket Center, Doshin Playguide, Lawson Ticket, and Ticket Pia. Tickets for the concerts outside Sapporo including Tokyo are handled differently.

Kitara Ticket Center

Address Sapporo Concert Hall, 1-15 Nakajima-koen, Chuo-ku Sapporo 064-8649
Open Hours Open except for some Mondays / 10:00~17:30 (~19:00 for the evening concert)
Telephone Reservation
TEL :+81(0)11-520-1234
/ Open Hours 10:00~18:00
On-line Reservation First day of the ticket sale 10:00~ 24 hour service

※Kitara Ticket Center handles only tickets for the Kitara Concerts. Can purchase in advance and/or with discount for the relevant concerts.

Community Plaza Ticket Center (Starts on April 1, 2019)

Address Sapporo Community Plaza 2nd Floor, Kita-1, Nishi-1, Chuo-ku Sapporo 060-0001
Open Hours 10:00-19:00 (will be closed when the Community Plaza is closed)
Telephone Reservation
TEL : +81(0)570-00-3871

※ Can purchase in advance and/or with discount for the relevant concerts.

Doshin Playguide

Address Hokkaido Shimbun 1st floor, Odori Nishi 3-chome Chuo-ku Sapporo 060-8711
Open Hours 10:00~18:00 (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone Reservation
TEL : +81(0)570-00-3871
On-line Reservation First day of the ticket sale 10:00~ 24 hour service

※ Can purchase in advance and/or with discount for the relevant concerts.

Ticket Pia

Auto-reply Reservation +81(0)570-02-9999
On-line Reservation
Purchase at the shop Seven-Eleven (24 hour service)
Ticket Pia Shops (Open hours may vary)

※ In order to purchase in advance or with discount please visit shops within Hokkaido for a service.

Lawson Tickets

If you purchase directly from Loppi terminal, you cannot select seat numbers.

Phone number for Classic Concerts +81(0)570-000-407
(answered by a receptionist: service hours 10:00~20:00)
On-line Reservation
On-line Reservation (Sakkyo member only)

※ Can purchase in advance and/or with discount for the relevant concerts.

Wheelchair Seats

If you wish to reserve a seat for the wheelchair, please call the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra (TEL: +81(0)11-520-1771 9:30-18:00 weekdays)
For the wheelchair, in principal, we ask the minimum charge (except U25 fee).
One person accompanying the wheelchair can enter the concert with the same price, and sit on a nearby chair.
Please call Sapporo Concert Hall if you wish to rent a wheelchair or reserve a parking space for the wheelchairs. (TEL: +81(0)11-520-2000)

Babysit service (pay service, advance reservation required)

Except for a certain concert specially designed for preschoolers, we ask toddlers and preschoolers not to enter classic concert.
Please consider Babysit service in the Sapporo Concert Hall.
For reservation, call Sapporo Sitter Service (an official member of National Babysitter Association) TEL: +81(0)11-281-0511

Period of Ticket Sales

Ticket Agencies

For the concerts taken place in the Sapporo Concert Hall :

  • Lawson Ticket Tickets handle ticket until one how before start of the concert
  • Kitara Ticket Center handles tickets until two days before the concert date.
  • Doshin Playguide, and Ticket Pia handle tickets until 2pm of the day before the concert date. For the Subscription Concerts, tickets will be on sale until 2pm, 2 days before (Wednesday) the concert date.

Each ticket agency handles different seating area. Kindly understand that some tickets are sold out while others are not.

On the day of the concert

Tickets will be on sale at the Kitara Box Office, one hour before start of the concert (only cash is acceptable).
There may be no ticket sale if all the tickets are sold out.
Ticket availability will be announced on the TOPIC or NEWS of this website, a day before the concert date.
Reservation is not accepted.


Precautions (Please be sure to read the below)

  • Confirm the date and the seat number when you purchase your ticket. You cannot change after your purchase.
  • The content of the program may change due to unavoidable situation.
  • In principal, we will not refund the ticket. However only in a case of cancellation, we will refund your ticket according to the designated procedure. We will not refund other cost, such as travel expenses.
  • Purchase your ticket at the official ticket agencies. We may not allow the entrance otherwise.
  • Please follow the instructions given by the staff of the venue. We may ask not to enter the venue otherwise. The sponsor and venue will bear no responsibility for any damage or injure that has been caused by not following the instructions.
  • No photographs, video taking, recording or sketching are allowed without the permission.
  • There may be a broadcast of the venue in a course of video taking of the venue, including seating areas.
  • There may be other precautions related to the performance or by each venue.