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Privacy Policy

Based on Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra recognizes the importance of keeping information safe, regarding guests and other related personnel.

1. What is Personal Information?

Personal Information within the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra includes all the information supplied when our guest applies for the Patronage system, Subscription Membership and purchasing tickets for the concerts. (for example; name, address, telephone and facsimile numbers, email address, birthdate, credit card information and other information which leads to identification of a certain person.)

2. How Personal Information used in the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra?

  • When we send out the membership cards or tickets
  • When we deliver direct mails to the guests
  • When we make various services regarding the concerts
  • When we print the names of members on our subscription program book (subscription members and patronage members)

The Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will not disclose any Personal Information to the third party except for those entrusted with operations. The Personal Information may be disclosed to the party if there is a justifiable reason. In case of entrusted third party carries out the operation of the orchestra, the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will direct and place appropriate actions to protect the information.

3. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra carefully protects Personal Information.

We will protect the information with strict security and provide a safe environment against unauthorized access, lost, falsification, leakage and other non-appropriate activities.

4. Revising, changing and deleting Personal Information

When the guest or other related personnel wishes to have one’s Personal Information revised, changed or be deleted, kindly contact the following address. We will make a prompt action upon the request.

5. Compliance in Law

he Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will observe laws and acts regarding Personal Information and will carry out relevant revision when needed for further improvement of keeping the information safe.

Executive Director, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
May 15, 2005