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2020.9. 5

Intermediate Report on your donation to Sapporo Symphony Orchestra (as of August 31, 2020)

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra has been cancelling the concert because of COVID-19 since end of February. We are now restarting our concerts, from August 1.

We will continue delivering messages that only music can bring. Hardship still continues, however, as there is limitation in number of guests that can enter the concert hall.
As of August 31, the total of 75 concerts are cancelled and the loss is summed up to 270 million yen.



≪Donation to the orchestra – as of August 31 – summed up to 1,700 36 million yen≫

Total 36,296,887 yen  1,696  (April 1 to August 31)  

『Online Donation』  18,068,711yen  1,185(including 73 OUEN ”Support” Club)

『Cash or Bank transfer Donation』    18,228,176 yen   511 (including 74 OUEN “Support” Club)


We also have 84 new patronage members. (Organizations-7, Individual-77)summed up to 6,755,000 yen

Crowdfunding that completed on August 3Crowdfunding(find H)-Japanese only 26,670,000yen 1,869


〔Donation to Sapporo Symphony Orchestra is applicable for tax exemption〕

Certificates (receipts) needed for applying tax exemption were posted from our office to those who applied until September 4, 2020. If not yet arrived, kindly contact Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. (Crowdfunding is not applicable for this tax exemption. )

Inquiry – Sapporo Symphony Orchestra TEL:+81-(0)11-520-1771