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2020.7. 1

【Restart of the Concerts- Sapporo Symphony Orchestra】- Our policy for the prevention of COVID-19

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra has stopped performing since February 22 because of expansion of COVID-19, however following the guidelines of Infection prevention and control of COVID-19, policies of Government of Japan and local authorities, together with advice from medical professions, Orchestra has decided to restart its activities.
For those guests who plan to join us at the concert, please take every precaution to prevent the expansion of COVID-19.
We thank you for your understandings and cooperation.
Sapporo Symphony Orchestra


【Requests to the Guests】

1) Please refrain from attending the concert if you have any of the following symptoms.

- If you have body temperature above 37.5 Celsius

- any of the symptoms such as coughing, difficulties in breathing, physical weariness, sore throat, nose watering or nasal congestion, difficulties in tasting or smelling, eye aching or hyperemia in white eye, headache, aching in your joints and/or muscles, diarrhea, and vomiting.

- If you have a close contact with a person who has been diagnosed as COVID-19.

2) If you have any underlying disease, please consider attending the concert and have a close talk with your family members and your home doctor before making the decision.

3) There will be disinfectant at the entrance. Please wash and disinfect your hands and fingers properly.  

4) We will measure your body temperature upon entering the hall with Thermography or non-contacting thermometer. If you have a body temperature above 37.5 Celsius, we ask you not to enter the concert hall. 

5) Please keep safe distance away from other guests upon entering the hall, during the intermission (for example at the wash rooms) and upon exiting. The hall will be opened earlier. Please come to the hall well ahead of time. 

6) Please wear your face mask always in the hall. Your coughing etiquette is highly appreciated. Do not call out BRAVO or talks within the hall and foyer. 

7) Please write in your name and contacting information such as your telephone number on your ticket so that we can follow-up in case of emergency. (Name and contacting information should be written on the back of the ticket, right hand side.)

- In case we have any COVID-19 at the concert, all the personnel information will be informed to the health authority.

8) Please follow the governmental instruction if you enter Japan from the countries with entrance restrictions.


<Your seat>

『Guideline to prevent further infection of COVID-19 at Theaters and Halls』 requests that the total number of guests entering the hall will not exceed 50% of the hall capacity. It also requests that there should be a sufficient space between the seated guests.

For some concerts, we request you to change your seat. Please confirm the condition before attending the concert.


【In order to avoid the infection caused by contacting, kindly cooperate the following instructions. 】

- Ticket taking must be carried out by the guests. Tickets are to be confirmed by staff visually.

- Wash and disinfect your hands and fingers.

- Program books are to be picked up by guests.

- There will be no baby-sit service, no blanket rentals, and café is closed within the hall. Bring your own drinking water or use the vending machine located inside the hall. (Drinking is not allowed inside the hall.)

- There will be no cloak room available in the hall.

- There will be no sale of goods, delivery of leaflets or autograph sessions.

- Kindly understand that there will be no Good-bye by the musicians. We cannot accept any presents for the musicians.  

- Staff will wearing face masks and/or Face-shields, and/or gloves. 

- Air conditioning inside the hall is controlled mechanically. For the most sufficient air conditioning, the windows are closed inside the hall.


【Actions taken by staff and musicians】

- All the musicians and staff have their body temperature checked regularly. In case of high body temperature, any symptoms similar to cold or any abnormal body condition will be out of duty, and will follow instructions given by medical profession.

- There will be proper hand/finger washing and keeping coughing etiquette.

- Disinfectants are available at spots.

- The concert hall as well as dressing rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly with sufficient ventilation.

- Musicians will be seated with proper distance apart, and may wear face masks.

- Any water drips from woodwind and brass instruments will be collected by water absorbable paper.


【Refund policy】

If you are worried on your health condition, or from any other reason and cannot attend the concert, we will refund your ticket.

Ticket Refund is accepted at the office of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. You can also send your ticket to our office for the refund. (There will be no refund at the Ticket offices.) 

Please send your ticket by a Letter Pack Light or any other registered postal service (postmark must be no later than August 8).

●Please enclose your ticket and your bank information which you would like to receive your refund.

※Bank information must include<Your Name/ Address/ Telephone Number/ Name of Bank/ Branch Name (or branch code)/ Ordinary account/ Account Number/ Account Name with Furigana>

●We kindly request that the guest will bear any expense necessary for ticket refund including postal and bank transfer fees.



Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Tel +81(0)11-520-1771(Weekdays 9:30am to 6pm)

c/o Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara 1-15 Nakajima-koen, Chuo-ku Sapporo 064-0931