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2023.4. 9

Enjoy our Online Pretalk before coming to the Subscription Concerts

Enjoy our Online Pretalk before coming to the Subscription Concerts

We will continue to have our online pretalk by Sapporo Symphony Orchestra members for fiscal 2023-2024 season. And we will also present interesting points on “hitaru Subscription Concert Series.”

Orchestra members will show their own views where and how to enjoy the concerts. Please enjoy their “Talks.”

●February 2024『hitaru Concert Series No.16』Pretalk (starts on February 1)

Junichi Hirokami, Friendship Conductor

♪hitaru Concert Series No.16:

●January 2024『658th Subscription Concert』『Tokyo Concert 2024』Pretalk (starts on January 23)

With Takahiro Tajima, Concertmaster and Keisuke Yamada, Principal Horn

♪658th Subscription Concert:

♪Tokyo Concert 2024:

●November 2023『657th Subscription Concert』『hitaru Concert Series No.15』Pretalk (starts on November 6)

With Ribon Aida, Concertmaster and Yoshiaki Fukuda, Principal Trumpet

♪657th Subscription Concert:

♪hitaru Concert Series No.15:

●October 2023『656th Subscription Concert』Pretalk (starts on October 2)

Souki Kirihara, Principal violin and Kazuki Oya, Associate Principal Percussion

♪656th Subscription Concert:

●September 2023『655th Subscription Concert』Pretalk (starts on September 4)

With Miwako Kobayashi, Associate Principal Violin and Kanji Miyagi, Oboe

♪655th Subscription Concert:

●August 2023『hitaru Concert Series No.14』Pretalk (starts on July 28)

With Shohei Kobayashi, Trumpet and Hitomi Tsuchiya, Associate Principal Horn

♪hitaru Concert Series No.14:

●June, 2023『654th Subscription Concert』Pretalk (starts on June 19)

With Yuka Asahara, Associate Principal Oboe and Tomoko Natsuyama, Associate Principal Bassoon

♪654th Subscription Concert:

●May, 2023『653rd Subscription Concert』Pretalk (starts on May 22)

with Mari Iimura, Associate Principal Violin and Yusuke Sawayama, Bass Trombone

♪653rd Subscription Concert:

●April, 2023『hitaru Subscription Concert Series No.13』『652nd Subscription Concert』Pretalk(starts on April 9)

with Miyako Seki, principal oboe and Yoshinori Mikami, principal clarinet

♪hitaru Concert Series No.13:

♪652nd Subscription Concert: