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【Ticket Information】 Subscription hitaru Concert Series No. 5 Ticket information to our guests who plan to join us for this concert

【4/14当日券】 札響 hitaruシリーズ新・定期演奏会 第5回 当日券販売とご来場の皆さまへ
【Ticket Information】 Subscription hitaru Concert Series No. 5 Ticket information to our guests who plan to join us for this concert

7pm on Wednesday, April 14, (door opens at 6pm)

No. 5 of Subscription hitaru Concert Series at Sapporo Cultural and Arts Theater hitaru will invite

Mo. Ken Takaseki, and Ms. Kyoko Takezawa, violin, presenting Arvo Pärt: Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten, Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D Major,Op.61, and Sibelius: Symphony No. 2


※Mo. Olli Mustonen, conductor and piano, who was originally scheduled to appear in this concert is unable to fly to Japan due to immigration restriction.

(Change of the artist and program):


【Ticket Sales】

■On the day of the concert (hitaru 4th floor)

6pm on Wednesday, April 14.

・S 6,000 yen, A 5,000 yen, B 3,500 yen, U25(A) 1,500 yen, Smile seat 2,000 yen Total 100 tickets

※U25 is for those who were born on 1996 or after. Needs to show the birth certificate.

※Smile Seat: special seat with poor view of the stage; cannot select the seat when purchasing.

※Only cash is allowed at the ticket office on the day of concert. Please write down your contact information on the ticket.

※There is no restriction in the seating plan, from September 19 when the government banned the event restriction due to COVID-19.

※Concerts are to be held taking every prevention action against COVID-19. We will notify any change on the official website.


■Calendar Sales

Sakkyo Calendar 2021 will be on sale at the 4th floor of hitaru.


【Prevent and against COVID-19】

Concerts are held following guidelines against COVID-19 prevention for classic concerts. Please kindly read and confirm the contents of the following site.

≪Prevention Measures≫:

※Kindly cooperate body temperature measurements, wearing face mask and avoid talking with loud voice among guests.

※In case COVID-19 is reported, your information that you provided at ticket offices will be passed over to public organizations such as health authorities.

※Sapporo Arts and Cultural Theater asks visitors not to eat food in Community Center Free space, foyer of the theater or inside the theater. We thank you for your cooperation.

※Waiting before and after the concert to meet the appearing artists is not permitted. We cannot also pass over any presents to the artists. Thank you for your understandings.

※We may request to retire from the hall if you refuse to follow staff instructions. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the theater will not take any responsibility against accidents or any other unforeseen actions taken by the guests not following staff instructions.