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【Ticket Information】632nd Subscription on November 20 and 21

11/20・21 札響第632回定期演奏会 当日券販売、退団者のお知らせ
【Ticket Information】632nd Subscription on November 20 and 21

Friday, November 20 from 7 pm, and Saturday, November 21 from 2 pm.

The 632nd Subscription with Mo. Tatsuya Shimono and Ms. Mihoko Fujimura will be held at Sapporo Cultural and Art Theater hitaru

Program is Mahler’s Des Knaben Wunderhorn (excerpt) and Mahler’s Symphony No. 5.


~Ticket sale on the day of the concert~

■Ticket will be on sale at the 4th floor of hitaru, entrance hall

Sales start from 6 pm on Friday, November 20 and from 1 pm on Saturday, November 20.

・SS 7,000 yen (only for Friday), S 6,000 yen, A 5,000 yen, B 4,500 yen, C 3,500 yen, P-smile 2,000 yen total of 100 tickets for each day.

※U25 is for those who are born on 1995 or after- needs to show your birth certificate.

※Since limitation is lifted from September 19, there will be no restriction in the seating plan.

※Kindly cooperate that there will be no congestion at the entrance.。


■Lobby Concert

There will be no Lobby Concert as to follow COVID-19 prevention act.


■Happy Retirement

Our Hiromasa Iwasaki, associate oboe (joined the orchestra in April 1978) is to retire by the end of November and this will be his last subscription concert.

As to follow the COVID-19 prevention guideline, we ask guests not to meet players after the concert. Kindly understand that our staff cannot accept presents or flower bouquet for Mr. Iwasaki.


■Prevent and against COVID-19

The concert will be held following the guidelines set following expansion/prevention of COVID-19. Kindly confirm the content before arriving in the concert hall.

≪Our actions≫:

※Please write in your name and telephone number on the back of your ticket. There will be body temperature measurement at the entrance of the hall. Please always wear your face mask.

※We may request to retire from the hall if you refuse to follow staff instructions. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the concert hall will not take any responsibility against accidents or any other unforeseen actions taken by the guests not following staff instructions.