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633rd Subscription on December 4 and 5 – change of the program (partially)

12/4・5 札響第633回定期演奏会の演奏曲の一部変更などについて
633rd Subscription on December 4 and 5 – change of the program (partially)

≪Change in the program (partially)≫

We have programmed to perform Stravinsky’s “Petrushka” 1911 version, however, to have a sufficient space between each player, the version has been changed to 1947.

●Program details:


≪on Mr. Gerhard OPPITZ, piano≫

Mr. Gerhard Oppitz, piano arrived on November 5 and after isolating himself for 2 weeks, he plans to tour Japan starting on November 22.

His management website (Japanese only):


≪Ticket sales≫

There will be additional ticket sales for the 633rd Subscription Concert scheduled on December 4 and 5 and we will take every caution against COVID-19.

We may ask guests to change their seats if we need to make any restrictions on seating plan due to COVID-19.   We thank you in advance for your understandings and cooperation.  


〔633rd Subscription on December 4 and 5 〕

Additional ticket sales starts from 10 am on Wednesday, November 18 at Ticket Agencies. 

※Ticket Agencies: Doshin Playguide, Sapporo Community Plaza Ticket Center

 Ticket Agencies: 


※Concerts are to be held following COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines.

※Restriction in the seating plan has been lifted since September 19.

※In case the governmental organization announces or requests the restriction in the seating plan due to COVID-19, we may ask guests to change their seats on the day of the concert.

※The concert venue has been changed toSapporo Cultural and Art Theater hitaru(Sapporo Community Plaza 4th floor, Kita 1-jo, Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku Sapporo).



【Ticket Refund Policy】

Those who have bought ticket and has concern on one’s health condition, and cannot attend the concert, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will refund the ticket price. Please visit our office or send your ticket to the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra (ticket offices will not accept any refunds for this concert).

Please send your ticket with Letter Pack Light or by registered mail.

●Please enclose your bank information for the refund.

※Bank information must contain: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Bank name, Branch name, Account number and Account name with Furigana

●We ask your understanding that you bear your postal cost and bank transfer cost.



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