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【Ticket Sales】Concert Tickets will be on sale in two occasions.

In order to prevent COVID-19, the concert hall has been requested to welcome guests with only 50 % capacity. However, in September, there has been an announcement by Japanese government and authority that a risk of COVID-19 is not high at the classic concerts, thus allowing 100% hall capacity.

This notice is said to be revised by end of November, and there may be a change in the capacity percentage during and after December 2020.

It is said that the risk of COVID-19 may increase during winter time. To be flexible, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will be selling concert tickets in two occasions.


Preliminary Sale

Tickets are to be on sale with some open seats, allowing more space between the guests.

Number of tickets on sale will be limited. We may announce the preliminary sale is to be stopped. (This is not an announcement of SOLD OUT.)

Secondary Sale

will start approximately two weeks before each concert date. The actual date will be announced on the official website.


※Preliminary Sale will take place at Doshin Playguide, Community Plaza Ticket Center, Lawson Tickets and Ticket PIA.

※Secondary Sale will take place at Doshin Playguide, and Community Plaza Ticket Center (until revised announcement is made on this website).

※Kindly understand that the secondary ticket sale may not take place depending on the COVID-19 status. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra may have to ask guests who bought the tickets at the preliminary sale to change the seats on the day of the concert.

We thank you for your understandings.


【Sapporo Symphony Orchestra sponsored Ticket Information】

November 20 and 21632nd Subscription Concert →Secondary Ticket Sale November 2~

December 4 and 5 633rd Subscription Concert →Secondary Ticket Sale November 18~

January 22 and 23 634th Subscription Concert → Preliminary Tickets are on sale

March 5 and 6 635th Subscription Concert → Preliminary Tickets are on sale

January 28 Subscription hitaru Concert Series No.3 →Secondary Ticket Sale planned in January

February 25 Subscription hitaru Concert Series No.4 → Secondary Ticket Sale planned in February

December 26 and 27 Sakkyo the Ninth → Preliminary pre-sale for members starts on November 4, General Sale starts on November 11

※All the concerts listed above are to be carried out at Sapporo Cultural and Arts Theater hitaru(Kitara is to be closed until end of June 2021).


【There will be no secondary ticket sale on the following concerts.】

Saturday, October 24 「631st Subscription Concert」, Tuesday (National Holiday) November 3 「Cheers to Hokkaido - Cinema Music at hitaru」
There will be no additional ticket sales for the above 2 concerts as they are to be carried out with empty seats on both sides of the guest.