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Ticket Sale on the day; 630th Subscription scheduled on September 25 and 26

【当日券】9/25・26 札響第630回定期演奏会 当日券販売等について
Ticket Sale on the day;  630th Subscription scheduled on September 25 and 26

The 630th Subscription Concert scheduled on Friday, September 25 from 7pm and on Saturday, September 26 from 2pm will be with Mo. Junichi Hirokami, Friendship Guest Conductor and Ms. Kei Itoh, piano.


Schubert/ Rosamunde Overture, Beethoven/ Piano Concerto No. 2, Stravinsky/Symphonies for the Wind Instruments, and Schubert/Symphony No. 5


~Ticket Sales on the day of concert~

■Box Office (Kitara Large Hall Box Office)

Friday, September 25 from 6pm

・A 5,000 yen, B 4,500 yen, P Smile 2,000 yen

※For those who are 25 years old or under (born on or after 1995) can purchase U25 Tickets (B) for 1,500 yen. Please show your birth certificate.

※P Smile are available only with designated seats. There will be no free seating.

※There will be ticket sales for Saturday, September 26 Concert.


■Lobby Concert

There will be no Lobby Concert on the day of the Subscription.


■Prevention measures against COVID-19

The concert will be carried out with COVID-19 Prevention measures.

Please check the following website before coming to the concert hall.

 ≪COVID-19 Prevention Measures≫: 

※Your cooperation is highly appreciated on the following actions: Write in your name and telephone number on the back of your ticket; Measure your body temperature at home and upon entering the concert hall; Wear face mask always inside the hall.ご


※Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the Concert Hall may ask you to leave the concert site if the guests do not follow staff instruction.