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【Additional Ticket Sales and Seating Restriction】Masterpiece Concert scheduled in September and October (as of September 23)

【Additional Ticket Sales and Seating Restriction】Masterpiece Concert scheduled in September and October (as of September 23)

Government of Japan and local authorities have lifted seating restrictions for classic concerts on condition that the sponsor would take every precaution in preventing infection and allowing no cheers from the audience, as of September 19.

Based on this announcement and following the guidelines set by The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan and Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, together with advice from medical professions, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra would carry out concerts, taking every countermeasures in preventing the COVID-19.


Guests who have a set of four tickets or single tickets for Masterpiece Concerts scheduled on September 30 and/or October 10 can sit on the designated seats printed on the tickets.

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra would therefore sell additional tickets for these concerts, however, in order to avoid any administrative confusion, number of guests will be gradually changed and not all the seats will be on sale.


≪Additional Ticket Sales≫

〔Masterpiece Concert on September 30〕~Waltz, Waltz, Waltz < This concert was originally scheduled on June 20.>

Tickets can only be purchased on the day of the concert.(One hour before the start of the concert, 1pm at Kitara Box Office)

※Further details including number of tickets and seat numbers will be announced on this website on September 29.


〔Masterpiece Concert on October 10〕~Beethoven 250th anniversary of his birth

Additional tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Offices from Wendnesday, September 30.

●Ticket Offices: Kitara Ticket Center, Doshin Playguide, Community Plaza Ticket Center, and Lawson Tickets



【Refund policy】

If you are worried on your health condition, or from any other reason and cannot attend the concert, we would refund your ticket.

Ticket Refund is accepted at the office of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. You can also send your ticket to our office for the refund. (There will be no refund at the Ticket offices.) 

Please send your ticket by a Letter Pack Light or any other registered postal service (postmark must be no later than August 8).

●Please enclose your ticket and your bank information which you would like to receive your refund.

※Bank information must include<Your Name/ Address/ Telephone Number/ Name of Bank/ Branch Name (or branch code)/ Ordinary account/ Account Number/ Account Name with Furigana>

●We kindly request that the guest will bear any expense necessary for ticket refund including postal and bank transfer fees.



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