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【Important】Masterpiece Concert scheduled on September 30 “Waltz, Waltz, Waltz”: Change of conductor and program

【重要】9/30名曲コンサート~めくるめく夢幻∞ワルツ(6/20振替公演) 指揮者変更、曲目変更について 【重要】9/30名曲コンサート~めくるめく夢幻∞ワルツ(6/20振替公演) 指揮者変更、曲目変更について
【Important】Masterpiece Concert scheduled on September 30 “Waltz, Waltz, Waltz”: Change of conductor and program
【Important】Masterpiece Concert scheduled on September 30 “Waltz, Waltz, Waltz”: Change of conductor and program

We are very sorry to announce that our Matthias Bamert, Chief Conductor, who plans to be with us for our Masterpiece Concert “Waltz, Waltz, Waltz” scheduled on September 30 is unable to join us due to the immigration restriction by government of Japan.

Mo. Ken Takaseki will be conducting this concert.


Program of this concert will be changed per below to allow enough space between players on the stage.

・Mozart / Marriage of Figaro Overture

・Mozart/ Oboe Concerto with Miyako Seki, principal oboe of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra


・Haydn / Trumpet Concerto with Maki Tsuruta, associate principal trumpet of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

・J. Strauss II / Der Zigeunerbaron Overture

・J. Strauss II/ Rosen aus dem Süden

・J. Strauss II / Kaiser-Walzer



【Ticket Sales for this concert are completed】

As to observe the governmental announcement of “Limitation of Event,” the number of ticket sales has reached its maximum. The concert will be carried out following the guidelines of COVID-19 Prevention. We will be announcing on this website, if there is any change in the circumstances.

This concert will be carried out under COVID-19 Prevention Action. We ask for your kind cooperation.

≪Prevention for COVID-19 and our request≫:



 【To our guests】

We are so sorry that we have had to change not only the date but also the program of this concert.

Matthias and Sapporo Symphony Orchestra were discussing for months on the program of this concert, since the original program requested a large size orchestra. Many good ideas were exchanged between us, and Matthias has been longing for obtaining permission to enter Japan, We are very sad and sorry that we could not receive his entrance permit. But he is always with us, his heart and his soul to Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and to our guests who love music, waiting him to come back.

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra would like to thank Mo. Ken Takaseki who kindly accepted our urgent request. The program that we are going to present includes introduction of our young and talented players whom Matthias wishes to be on the stage and Mo Takaseki’ idea to include some elements on Waltz, observing the original theme. We are sure that this concert will be a new encounter of lively performance of our two players and music full of Viennese sound.

Thank you

Noboru Taga, General Manager, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra