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【Ticket and Lobby Concert Information】 662nd Subscription Concert on June 29 and 30

【Ticket and Lobby Concert Information】 662nd Subscription Concert on June 29 and 30

Saturday, June 29 from 5pm and Sunday, June 30 from 1pm (Door opens 40 minutes before start of the concert)

662nd Subscription Concert in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara will present TCHAIKOVSKY/Violin Concerto, and DVOŘÁK/Symphony No. 9 “From the New World,” with Mo. Tadaaki Otaka, Honorary Music Director and Ms. Mayumi Kanagawa, violin.

※The conductor for this concert has been changed from Mo. Charles Dutoit to Mo. Tadaaki Otaka. Thank you for your understandings.

●Change in the conductor (as of June 19)=

【Ticket Information】

■On the day of the concert(at Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Box Office)

from 4pm on Saturday, June 29 and from 12 noon on Sunday, June 30. 

<Ticket price>SS 7,000 yen, S 6,000 yen, A 5,000 yen, B 4,500 yen C 3,500 yen, U25 (B,C)1,500 yen, Smile Seat 2,000 yen  Total of 100 tickets

※U25 is for those who were born in 1999 or after. Needs to show the birth certificate.

※Smile Seat:Smile area in P Block (row 8 and above) only; reserved seating on the day of the concert and cannot select the seat. (cash only)

※No reservation is acceptable for tickets to be purchased on the day of the concert.

※Sapporo Symphony Orchestra accepts credit cards and e-money (digital cash) payments. Only cash is accepted for a Smile Seat. <credit cards and digital e-money cards that can be used>

≪Tickets on sale before the concert date≫

•Prior sale of tickets are all sold out for this concert.


【Lobby Concert】

■from 4:30pm on Saturday, June 29/from 12:30 on Sunday, June 30 at Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Large Hall Foyer

with Mari Iimura, Akiko Okabe, violins; Hayato Suzuki , viola; Mei Takeda, cello; Takashi Osawa, double bass; Yuki Harada, clarinet; Satoru Sakaguchi, bassoon; and Ryohei Hanazawa, horn.

presenting Schubert Octet, 6th mov.

【Sakkyo Players Talk】

Enjoy our YouTube session with Sakkyo players. (starts from June 25)

with Sayuri Fukushima, flute and Yuka Asahara, associate principal oboe

●Sakkyo YouTube channel (Japanese only)→ from here 


【CD and Stationeries】

Sakkyo CD and stationeries, hand towels and many more will be on sale by Sakkyo Volunteer Group Pricky (only cash is accepted).

There will be a special sale of the soloist’s CD with autograph session (only on Saturday).

※We may request to retire from the hall if you refuse to follow staff instructions. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the theater will not take any responsibility against accidents or any other unforeseen actions taken by the guests not following staff instructions. ≪Precautions≫