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Yuji ISHIKAWA © Koji Seki

Born in 1997, in Nagoya, Japan, Ishikawa started to play cello at the age of eight, and continued his study at Tokyo University of Music with special distinction. He graduated the University with summa cum laude and completed the postgraduate course in 2001. Ishikawa’s mentors were Shuya Matsushita, Ryoichi Hayashi, Akimichi Hoshino, Fumiaki Kono, and Ryosuke Hori. He won the second prize in the 8th Japan Chamber Music Competition (1998) and the first prize (no 2nd prize selected) in the 68th Music Competition of Japan “Cello,” with Kuroyanagi award (1999). During the same year, Ishikawa became a transfer and scholarship student between Okinawa International Music Festival 1999and Chigiana Music Academy in Siena, Italy, which gave him an opportunity to study cello under Mario Brunello. In 2002, Ishikawa won the Best Young Player Award from the 8th Ogaki Music Festival. His soloist activities include concerts with Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra, and Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, all highly acclaimed. Ishikawa was the principal cello of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and became the principal cello of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in 2005. Ishikawa is a recipient of the 2010 DOGIN Arts and Culture Encouragement Award and is a part-time senior lecturer of Hokkaido University of Education, Iwamizawa Campus.