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9/7 14:00~

Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2 2024.September. 7(Sat)14:00~ Sapporo Concert Hall; Kitara

Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2
Masterpiece Concert 2024-2025 All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2


conductor / Kazuyoshi AKIYAMA


vocal / Baby Boo

MC & supervision / Yuichi IWANO

Song List

J. Strauss II/Express-Polka, Bernstein/ Subway Ride―Imaginary Coney Island (from “On the Town”), Denza/Funiculì funiculà, Umewaka Ohno/”The Railway Song”
American Folklore/”I've Been Working on the Railroad,” Takashi Tsushimi (script by Goro Matsui)/”Ressha-ni-Norouyo (Let’s get on the train)”, E. Strauss I/Bahn frei! Polka-schnell,
Dvorak/String Quartet No. 12 “American” mov.4
Britten (script by W.H. Auden)/Night Mail, R. Strauss/4th Movement “Neapolitan Folk Life” from tone poem “Aus Italien”

【Single Tickets】 will be on sale starting 10am on Saturday, March 16 (Sakkyo members from 10am on Friday, March 8)

Concert series on Saturday at Kitara starts at 14:00. (Pretalk from 13:45, Door opens at 13:20)
【All abroad! Orchestra! Part 2】
Part 2 of “All abroad! Orchestra!” in 2020 with Mo. Kazuyuki Akiyama invites Ms. Saya Ichikawa, a model who loves trains. Mr. Yuichi Iwano, a music journalist, will be with us again and the orchestra is to present various music related to railways. Enjoy also railway songs by Baby Boo.
『2024-2025 Masterpiece Concerts A set of 4 tickets』 on sale from Saturday, March 16 (Sakkyo members from March 8)
※A set of 4 Tickets:SS 16,000yen, S 12,800yen, A 9,600yen, U25(A) 4,000yen
※A set of 4 Tickets are on sale at:DOSHIN PLAYGUIDE (Japanese only) (Telephone, at the site and via Web), Citizen Community Plaza Ticket Center (at the site)Kitara Ticket Center (Japanese only) (Telephone, at the site and via Web), SEICOMART ID: D24060802

『2024-2025 Masterpiece Concert A set of 4 Tickets』

You can enjoy the concerts at the same seat for all the 4 concerts.

※On sale from : 10am on March 16, 2024 【Sakkyo members from March 8】

※U25 for the fiscal 2024 applies for those who are born in 1999 or younger

※Single Tickets will be on sale from March.

秋山 和慶 © 堀田力丸

Kazuyoshi AKIYAMA(conductor)

In February 1964, a year after graduating, Mr. Akiyama made his debut engagement with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The tremendous success of this collaboration led to his nomination for the dual posts of Music Director and Permanent Conductor just two months later. Overseas, his conducting successes began with U.S. and European tours of the Toho Gakuen School of Music Orchestra. He quickly went on to conduct various orchestras in Canada and the U.S., the success of these partnerships leading to Mr. Akiyama being invited to hold professional posts as Assistant Conductor of the Toronto Symphony (1968-1969), Music Director of the American Symphony Orchestra (1973-1978), and Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (1972-1985). In 1985, he was granted the title of Conductor Laureate of the Vancouver Symphony upon leaving his post there and from 1985 to 1993, Maestro Akiyama held the post of Music Director to the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. During this time, Mr. Akiyama´s reputation spread to Europe and through the U.S., where he has been invited to conduct orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic, Cologne Broadcast Symphony, the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the San Francisco Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony, the Cleveland and the Philadelphia Orchestras. In 1991, Kazuyoshi Akiyama led the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra on a successful world tour to celebrate the orchestra´s 45th anniversary, which included performances in New York at the United Nations, as well as in London under the auspices of the UK Japan Festival. Following his many years of collaboration with the orchestra, he was made Conductor Laureate of the TSO and Mr. Akiyama also acts as Principal Conductor acted as Principal Conductor and Music Adviser of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra since 1998. A committed advocate of rare and contemporary repertoires, in 1994, for the 400th subscription performance of TSO, he conducted a concert style performance of Schoenberg´s Moses and Aaron, the first Japan performance of that work with Japanese artists. He also has conducted several Japanese premieres of works by composers such as Helmut Lachenmann (The Little Match Girl) and John Adams (El Niño). Kazuyoshi Akiyama is the recipient of numerous citations, including the Suntory Music Award of 1975, the Kyoto Music Award of 1993, the 1995 Mainichi Arts Award, the 1995 Arts Encouragement Prize of the Minister of Education, and the 29th Suntory Music Award. In 2001, Mr. Akiyama was awarded Japan´s Medal with Purple Ribbon, the highest honor in Japan. (from

市川 紗椰


Ichikawa was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, and she grew up in Detroit between the ages of four and thirteen. She was accepted to Columbia University, University of Chicago, and New York University. Ichikawa planned on attending Columbia University, but she delayed college for one year in order to focus on her modelling career. Ichikawa was scheduled to return to the United States after the one year, but she enjoyed her career and decided to stay in Japan. She later graduated from Waseda University in 2010. Ichikawa was accepted as an exclusive model for the magazines Vivi and 25ans at the age of sixteen, and she is currently active in a number of fashion magazines. She had modeled in the magazines Sumo Fan, sweet, More, Baila, and Maquia. In the 4 April 2016 Ichikawa became an MC in the Fuji Television informational news programme Your Time. (from


Baby Boo(vocal)

Chorus and entertainment group that shows with the vocal only. Baby boo made its major debut in 2002.

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Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Saturday, March 16, 2024  Member Precedent Release : Friday, March 8, 2024
Ticket (SS)¥5,000 (S)¥4,000 (A)¥3,000  U25 (A) 1,200 yen
※For fiscal 2024, U25 applies to those who born in 1999 or younger.
※Preschoolers cannot attend this concert.
※Sakkyo members can purchase SS and S seats with 500 yen discount.
※Seats can be selected at Lawson Ticket only from one day after, from the midnight of the ticket sale starting date.
【Door opens 40 minutes before the start of each concert.】
●Babysit service (paid service with reservation) Call Sapporo Sitter Service 011-281-0511 ≪Babysit service during the concert≫ (Japanese only)
●The program may change.
●There will be no refund of ticket unless cancelled by force majeures.
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