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7/22 15:00~

Everyone can enjoy the classic music concert hosted by HTB 2023.July.22(Sat)15:00~ Sapporo Cultural Arts Theatre hitaru

Everyone can enjoy the classic music concert hosted by HTB
Everyone can enjoy the classic music concert hosted by HTB


conductor / Kentaro Kawase (Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Resident Conductor)

Special Guest / Ryoko Moriyama

MC / Sayaka Mori, Hidemasa Yoda (HTB Broadcaster)

Song List

Sibelius Finlandia
Mozart Marriage of Figaro Overture
Tchaikovsky Waltz from Sleeping Beauty
Ryoko Moriyama "Nada So So," "Satoukibi Batake (Sugar cane field)" and many more

HTB ICHIOSHI!!classic~HTB Hokkaido Television 55th Anniversary Concert

What is HTB ICHIOSHI!!classic? The Concert is to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of HTB and is the REAL classic Concert.
We will present wonderful world of classic music with Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the special guest Ms. Ryoko Moriyama- ICHIOSHI is the TV program on air every evening as the information program- and ICHIOSHI has a meaning in Japanese, i.e. one of the best recommended music program. The conductor for this concert is Mo. Kentaro Kawase, who is the resident conductor of the orchestra since 2022. Sayaka Mori and Hidemasa Yoda will be MCs. There is a section during the concert that our ON-chan be acting as the conductor. Let everybody enojoy classic music!!

Everyone must have a music that cannot be forgotten. Let us know your favorite classic! via HTBon-chan Application, and why that music is special to you. To those who were selected would be invited to the concert- a ticket for two.
【HTB website】How to apply (Japanese only)→

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Ticket Sale From Friday, June 2, 2023
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Sponsored by HTB Hokkaido Television
Nominal Support Hokkaido, City of Sapporo, Sapporo Board of Education
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