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12/10 17:00~
12/11 13:00~

Sakkyo Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Kitara 2022.December.10(Sat)17:00~
/ December.11(Sun)13:00~
Sapporo Concert Hall; Kitara

Sakkyo Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Kitara
Sakkyo Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Kitara
Sakkyo Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Kitara
Sakkyo Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Kitara


conductor / Junichi Hirokami

soprano / Shigeko Hata

mezzosoprano / Kasumi Shimizu

tenor / Hiroyuki Yoshida

bass / Hidekazu Tsumaya

Chorus / Sapporo Symphony chorus and other supporting chorus

Song List

Wagner Siegfried-Idyll
Beethoven Symphony No.9 in D minor "Choral"

Sakkyo the Ninth Cocnert in Kitara

【Limited Ticket Sales at Doshin Playguide】~Sakkyo the Ninth Ticket with Sakkyo Calendar Exchange Coupon
S 7,850 yen, A 6,350 yen, B 4,850 yen, P 3,850 yen, U25(A or B) 2,850 yen
Sakkyo members can purchase each ticket with 500 yen discount (except for U25)
※Please select 「with calenda coupon」 before purchasing your Ninth ticket from the website. You cannot select the ticket with the coupon, afterwards, i.e. after purchasing your ticket to the concert.
※You can exchange your coupon with 「Sakkyo Calendar 2023」 at the concert venue. (One calendar to one coupon only)

【Prevention of COVID-19】
All the appearing artists including orchestra players and chorus members will wear face masks when necessary and keep safe distance between each member. Kindly register your name and contacting information when you purchase your ticket. Your information may be handed over to health authorities if requested. Please wear your face mask when coming to the concert, and cooperate in body temperature measurement, and sanitizing your hands and fingers. You cannot enter the venue if you have high body temperature. Cloak service, cafe and water fountains are not available.
※This information is based on the guideline issued in August 2022. Please confirm the latest information on our website.
※The program may change due to unforeseen situation, however, all the tickets are non-refundable unless cancellation of the concert itself by force majeure.

【Hall Seating for Sakkyo the Ninth Concert】

for December 10 and 11, 2022

Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Wednesday, October 19, 2022  Member Precedent Release : Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Ticket (S)¥6,500 (A)¥5,000 (B)¥3,500
P¥2,500(soldout), U25(A or B)¥1,500
※U25 is for those who born in 1997 or younger. Please show your birth certificate at purchasing and entering the venue
※Preschoolers cannot attend this concert.
※Babysit Service (paid service) For more information and reservation, call Sapporo Sitter Service 011-281-0511, before the concert date.
※Handling charge may be added.
※Contact Sapporo Symphony Orchestra if you wish to visit by a wheelchair or with your guide dog.
※You can select your seat from 0:00 next day of the ticket sales at Lawsons.
※There will be no open seat between the seats, i.e. normal seating plan. The first two rows in front of the stage are closed.
※Sakkyo members can purchase each ticket with 500 yen discount (except for U25). Tickets for this concert cannot be exchanged with patronage tickets.
※1st to 7th row from the front in P Block are not available.
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