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8/11 11:00~
8/11 15:00~

"Ma-rl, the Ghost, and Happy Orchestra" Sakkyo Storytelling Concert 2022.August.11(Thu)11:00~
/ August.11(Thu)15:00~
Sapporo Concert Hall; Kitara


conductor / Masahiko Enkoji

Special guest / Hiroyuki Morisaki

/ Picture/Rei Nakai

Song List

Weber Aufforderung zum Tanz
Bizet Petite Suite No. 5 Galop and other works
Mozart Marriage of Figaro Overture
Tchaikovsky Waltz from Sleeping Beauty

【Immediate Release】 Change of the conductor, as of August 1

Our Chief Conductor, Mo. Matthias Bamert is unable to be with us for this concert due to COVID-19 test result required to enter Japan. Instead, Mo. Masahiko Enkoji will be with us.

【Tickets Sold Out】 (as of July 20) Tickets for both 11am and 3pm concerts are sold out at the moment. There may be some tickets available on the day of the concert, however this will be announced on August 10 from our website and SNS.

An accustomed summer special concert for younger children and their family will be renewed to the original production this year. “Ma-rl, the Ghost and Happy Orchestra,” one of the popular picture books in a series of “Ma-rl, the Ghost” (by Nakanishi Printing Co., Ltd.) is coming to Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara as a concert. This is a collaborating production with the Nakanishi Printing and during this one-hour concert, a child surely be caught by pictures shown on a large screen, listening to the phrases in the book and the very special and best music by the orchestra with Mo. Bamert, chief conductor. Mr. Hiroyuki Morisaki of TEAM NACS (Creative Office Cue) will be guiding all children to the world of pictures and music. We hope this summer will become unforgettable with a special booklet presented to those attended the concert.
“It is better that a child be exposed to music as young as possible. And listen to the best music together with a concrete image is important. Collaboration with a picture book would surely be an interesting event." … Matthias Bamert
【Babies and toddlers are to join this concert.】
There may be children who experience the concert for the first time.
Small children may tend to show happiness by body language, moving or even running, or talking aloud. Some may cry when they were surprised by lights and darkness of the hall, or unexpected sound by the orchestra. We ask all who join us in this concert accept those surprises with soft hearts and feelings, recognizing that we were all at one time, children.
We also would like to ask your kind understandings and actions, if your child could not stop crying for some time, or could not help talking loudly or any other cases which may annoy other guests in the hall. If such cases occur, we appreciate your action of exiting the hall for a while until your child calm down. In addition, your attitude of accepting exiting and reentry of these children and their guardians is highly appreciated.
~We hope that this concert would become one of memorable experiences to all the children ~

【Against COVID-19 spreading】
●Register your name and contacting number when you purchase tickets at the Ticket Offices. The registered information will only be utilized for COVID-19 prevention actions, and may be handed over to health authorities.
●Please wear your face mask always (toddlers and babies are not requested). There will be body temperature measurement upon entrance. Sanitizing your fingers and hands are recommended.
●Entrance to the hall is prohibited if you have your body temperature above 37.5 Celsius. Please cut of small half of your ticket and place it into a box upon entering the hall.
●Please do not talk loud inside the hall.
●There are buggy parking lot, diapers change and nursing room.
●Cloak Service, Café and water fountains are not available.
●Bring your water bottle, or purchase at the vending machine inside the entrance hall. (Please refrain from eating or drinking inside the hall.)
●Please follow staff instructions when exiting the hall in order to avoid congestion. Kindly refrain from preparing presents to the artists or waiting at the artist’s entrance hall.
※Our further actions against COVID-19 is here.

Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Friday, June 17, 2022
Ticket 【All reserved seating】Adult (Senior high and older):2,500 yen, Children (Junior high or younger):1,000 yen, Ticket for adult with a child (for 0 to 3 years old) on lap 3,000 yen

※Special Booklet present ( 1 booklet for each seat)
※In order to attend this concert, every person including those below 3 needs to get the ticket.
※Ticket for adult with a child on lap is a ticket for one adult (senior high and older) and one child (3 years old or younger)
※There will be no space between each seat.
※You cannot enter the hall while music is played. Staff will guide you when to enter between the music.
※Those who wish to visit in a wheelchair, with a guide dog or as a group of more than 10, please contact Sapporo Symphony Orchestra.
※Babysit service for children not going in the hall is available with an advance appointment to Sapporo Sitter Service (paid service). Call Sapporo Sitter Service 011-281-0511
※There are buggy parking lot, diapers change and nursing room inside the hall.
Sponsor Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Special Sponsorship from Daio Paper Corporation
Cooperation from Creative Office Cue, Nakanishi Printing
Nominal Support from Government of Hokkaido, City of Sapporo, Sapporo Board of Education
   City of Sapporo Culture and Arts Activities Restart Project
Inquiry Sapporo Symphony Orchestra (011-520-1771)

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