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6/4 19:00~

Subscription hitaru Concert Series No.6 2021.June. 4(Fri)19:00~ Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater


concertmaster and violin / Volkhard STEUDE

piano / Iku MIWA

Song List

John WILLIAMS Three Pieces from Schindler’s List
MENDELSSOHN Double Concerto for Violin and Piano
MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 4, Italian

Subscription hitaru Concert Series is the concert series started in 2020- weekday evening at hitaru- concert starts at 7pm.

【A set of four tickets for 2021-2022 Subscription hitaru Concert Series】 Sale starts on Wednesday, February 17
※A set of Four : S 19,200 yen, A 16,000 yen, U25 (A) 5,000 yen
※Ticket Offices: Doshin Playguide, and Sapporo Community Plaza Ticket Center
※Ticket are on sale from Wednesday, February 17 to Wednesday, April 14【Presale for Sakkyo Members Feb. 3 to Feb. 10】
【Lucky hitaru Passport】Lawson Electronic Tickets are also available.
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Volkhard STEUDE(concertmaster and violin )

三輪 郁

Iku MIWA(piano)

続きを読む 閉じる

Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Thursday, May 6, 2021  Member Precedent Release : Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Ticket (S)¥6,000 (A)¥5,000 (B)¥3,500
U25 (A)1,500 yen ※For the fiscal 2021, U 25 are for those who are born on 1996 or after.
※Premium Seat 8,000 yen (limited number) are allocated at 1st floor center and 2nd floor the first row. Available only at Lawson Tickets.
※Smile Seats (may have poor stage view) 2,000 yen on sale on the day of the concert only.
※Preschoolers cannot attend this concert.
※There is no ticket sale at Kitara Ticket Center.
※※Sakkyo Subscribers can purchase S and A tickets with 500 yen discount .

Online Booking
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Doshin Playguide
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PIA tickets
LAWSON TICKET【L code:17712】
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