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3/30 14:00~

The World of Otto Witt 2019.March.30(Sat)14:00~ Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater; hitaru

The World of Otto Witt
The World of Otto Witt
The World of Otto Witt
The World of Otto Witt


Conductor / Chikara Imamura

Bandoneon / Kiji Kyotani

Bandoneon / Takatoki Suzuki

Piano / Nahoko Awaji

Dance / HOKKAIDO Ballroom Dance Federation

Narrator / Keiko Yoshino

Song List

Dark Eyes, La Cumparsita, Samba Cocktail, Tango Copacabana, Tango Blauer Himmel, For Yuriy, Tango Sapporo and many others.

Hear his last work, "Tango Sapporo" in hitaru

The Continental Tango was performed all over the world after the War. Mr. Otto Witt, who was the solo bandoneon player of the Alfred Hause and His Tango Orchestra, the best, and the composer of the Tango now sleeps in Sapporo. His best music composed for a large orchestra will be performed at the new theater, with air of Europe together with his video. “Tango Sapporo” found as one of his last works will be played for the first time. (dictated and translated from the concert leaflet)

Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Sunday, October 7, 2018
Ticket (SS)¥6,000 (S)¥5,000 (A)¥4,000 (B)¥3,000 Preschooler cannot attend the concert. Tickets are available at Doshin Playguide, Ticket Pia, Seven-Eleven, Daimaru Playguide (West-3, South-1), Lawson Tickets, Kitara Ticket Center, and Sapporo Community Plaza Ticket Center.
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Organizer Executive Committe for Otto Witt Tango Concert
with co-sponsorship from Sapporo Culture Arts Theater hitaru
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