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【Ticket Information】 654th Subscription Concert Ticket information and Lobby Concert

【当日券】6/24・25 札響第654回定期演奏会 当日券販売とロビーコンサート
【Ticket Information】 654th Subscription Concert Ticket information and Lobby Concert

Saturday, June 24 from 5pm and Sunday, June 25 from 1pm

654th Subscription Concert in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara will present

with Mo. Junichi Hirokami, Friendship Conductor, and Mr. Kyouhei Sorita, piano; Rachmaninov / Piano Concerto No. 3, Debussy/Ibelia, Ravel/Rapsodie espagnole

【Ticket Information】

■On the day of the concert(at Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Box Office)

1 hour before start of the concert

Smile Seat 2,000 yen each; Total of 50 tickets each day

A very few seats are available for other seating areas.

※As number of tickets available on the day of the concert is very limited, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will give out numbered coupons once tickets are all sold out. If there were any tickets donated on the day of the concert, additional ticket would be on sale. Kindly understand we cannot respond to any request regarding number of tickets, nor seating area in the hall.

※One person can purchase maximum of two tickets.

※Smile Seats:P Block Smile Area (row 8 and above)/Cannot select the seat. Cash only.

※U25 (B,C) is for those who born in 1998 or younger. Needs to show the birth certificate.

※Reservation is not acceptable for the above ticket.

【Lobby Concert】

■Saturday, June 24 from 4:30pm/ Sunday, June 25 from 12:30 Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Large Hall 1st floor foyer

We welcome you to our Lobby Concert.

with Sayuri Fukushima, flute; Yuka Asahara, oboe, Masaki Shirako, clarinet, Tomoko Natsuyama, bassoon and Ryohei Hanazawa, horn.

Program:Faure/From Dolly, 1. Berceuse, 2. mi-a-ou, 3. Le jardin de Dolly, 6. Le pas espagnol

【Online Pretalk】

Pretalk by Sakkyo members are now online. (Delivered on June 19)

with Yuka Asahara, associate principal oboe and Tomoko Natsuyama, associate principal basson

●From Sakkyo YouTube Channel→ here (Japanese only) 


【CDs and Stationeries】

Sakkyo CD, CD by Bamert, CD by the soloist and other goods are on sale in foyer.

※Cash only

【Cafe Counter】

Cafe counter in the foyer is open (before the concert- 1st floor only; intermission- 1st and 2nd floor)

※We may request to retire from the hall if you refuse to follow staff instructions. Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and the theater will not take any responsibility against accidents or any other unforeseen actions taken by the guests not following staff instructions. ≪Precautions≫