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2022.10. 7

『Sakkyo Calendar 2023』 will be on sale from November.

『Sakkyo Calendar 2023』 will be on sale from November.

『Sakkyo Calendar』 2023 version will be on sale from November by Sakkyo Volunteer Pricky.

It is a monthly calendar and you can see various activities of the orchestra with our profound conductors.

The calendar is equipped with AR* and you can enjoy various performances of the orchestra with its sound and video clips.

*AR is available from the application COCOAR.


1,500 yen (incl. tax) per copy

【28 pages and can be hanged on the wall/Open B3 size/full color】


〔Available at〕 1,500 yen (incl. tax) per copy

Shop in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, Yamaha Music Sapporo, Coach and Four, Elm Gakki Sapporo, and Sankyo Gakki (from November).

※The calendar is also available at our Subscription concerts and Masterpiece Concerts. (There will be a limited sale during our October Subscription.)


〔Postal service is also available.〕 ※Postal fee 500 yen per copy, if you wish to send 2 or 3 copies together, 700 yen

●Please make a payment at post offices.

Please use a blue transfer leaf available at the post office and write in the following information together with number of calendars that you would like to purchase. After you make your payment via ATM or at the counter, the calendar(s) will be sent to you in November, 2022.

≪Information for the calendar purchase≫

・Account Number 02790-1-77917

・Headed address Sakkyo Volunteer札響ボランティア

・Write in the following with your address, your name, and telephone number in the remark column.

1) Number of calendars that you would like to purchase

2) Sending address, name and telephone number (if differs from payee)

・Write in the total amount in yen

Calendar fee (1,500 yen × number of calendars)+handling fee
(If you wish to purchase one copy, the total fee will be 2,000 yen; if you wish to purchase 2 copies and be sent to one place, the total fee will be 3,700 yen, OR 2 copies to 2 different addresses, it will be 4,000 yen)

※Kindly pay the bank transfer fee.


『Sakkyo Volunteer Pricky』 is handling and selling CDs and merchandise related to the orchestra. Pricky is assisting the orchestra and has been inviting youngsters to the concerts with its revenue.