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Subscribers for the second half of season

2022-2023 札響定期会員(後期シーズン)募集開始
Subscribers for the second half of season

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra has started accepting applications for the subscribers- 2nd half of the season.

Subscribers can enjoy subscription concerts at the seats reserved just for you during the period of your registration. If you are not available on the day of the week that you have registered, you can change your date to the concert by giving us a prior notice. There are other special services for subscribers.


【How to apply】

1.via 『Lawson Ticket』 (Japanese only)Lawson Ticket

 ・You can select your seat.

 ・Please pay your subscriber fee via credit card or at Loppi Terminal in Lawson or MiniStop Convenience Stores.


2.via PC『Subscriber application form』(Japanese only) Application form 

 ・Please write in your preferable seat area, and we will notify you your seat number. (You cannot select your seat by this application.)

 ・Your “my seat” will be notified to you with payment information. Please pay your subscription fee by online credit card or by postal transfer. Your seat is confirmed upon payment.


【Subscriber details】

・Details of the subscription system and fees (Japanese only):

【Subscription Concert Details】

・Concert Details:


※For more information:Call or Write to Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Telephone +81(0)11-520-1771 or Inquiry format (Japanese)  


■A set of three is also on sale

♪『My Favorite Three』~Select any three concerts of your choice.

You can select any of three concerts from 「Subscription Concert」「Subscription hitaru Concert Series」「Masterpiece Concert」, with discount

 ・For more details (Japanese only):   Or kindly contact Sapporo Symphony Orchestra