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Ticket Information for Sakkyo the Ninth, December 26 and 27

12/26・27 『札響の第9』 当日券販売とご来場の皆さまへ
Ticket Information for Sakkyo the Ninth, December 26 and 27

Starting 5pm on Saturday, December 26 and 1pm on Sunday, December 26, 2020.

Sakkyo Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru will take place with

Mo. Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Ms. Naomi Tasaki, soprano, Kasumi Shimizu, mezzosoprano, Kota Murakami, tenor, Takaoki Onishi, baritone and Sakkyo Chorus.

The program is Beethoven Leonore Overture No. 3 and Symphony No. 9.


~Ticket sale on the day of the concert~

■Ticket will be on sale at the 4th floor of hitaru, entrance hall

Sales start from 4 pm on Saturday, December 26 and from 12 noon on Sunday, December 27.  

・S 6,500 yen , A 5,000 yen, B 3,500 yen, U25 (A) 1,500 yen , Smile 2,000 yen – Total of 100 tickets each day

※U25 is for those who are born on 1995 or after- needs to show your birth certificate.

※Since limitation is lifted from September 19, there will be no restriction in the seating plan.

※Kindly cooperate that there will be no congestion at the entrance.


■Sakkyo Calendar 2021

Sakkyo Calendar 2021 (1,500 yen per copy) will be on sale at 4th floor lobby,
before the concert, during intermission and after concert. We ask for your cooperation to have your coins ready. No credit card acceptable.


■Prevent and against COVID-19

The concert will be held following the guidelines set following expansion/prevention of COVID-19. Kindly confirm the content before arriving in the concert hall.

≪Our actions≫:

※Upon visiting the hall, please write in your name and telephone number on the back of your ticket. There will be a temperature measurement upon entrance. Kindly wear your face mask always. In hitaru, No Eating is allowed at free space areas, lobby and theater area. Only drinking is allowed in foyer (lobby) of the theater.

※We may have to ask a guest to leave the hall in case he or she does not follow instructions or precautions explained by the staff. The sponsor and/or hall will not bear any responsibility on the accidents occurred by not following the instruction