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Announcement- 2021/22 Season Program - Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

2021-2022シーズン『札幌交響楽団主催演奏会』ラインナップ発表(4/5更新) 2021-2022シーズン『札幌交響楽団主催演奏会』ラインナップ発表(4/5更新)
Announcement- 2021/22 Season Program - Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Announcement- 2021/22 Season Program - Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra will present “Subscription Concerts” “Subscription hitaru Concert Series” and “Masterpiece Concerts.” for 2021/22 Season.

Subscription Concerts are to be presented on Saturdays and Sundays, instead of Fridays and Saturdays having close review on the recent guest visits to concerts. Subscription hitaru is to be held on weekday evenings, and Masterpiece Concerts are to be held on Saturdays in Kitara. The annual program includes programs from 2020/21 season, since some programs have been cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis.

≪Immediate release≫2020/21 Season Program Sapporo Symphony Orchestra:

♪ 『Subscription Concerts~8 programs 16 concerts annually/ at Sapporo Concert Hall, Kitara (for the first half of season, the concerts will be carried out in hitaru)~  
Subscription Concert is programmed to be performed under one theme
※Sapporo Concert Hall, Kitara is closed due to renovation from November 2020 to June 2021. During this period, the concert will be held in Sapporo Cultural Art Theater hiaru.

♪『 Subscription hitaru Concert Series ~4 concerts / at Sapporo Cultural Art Theater hitaru~
hitaru series starts at 7pm on weekdays and presents popular or standard concerti with symphonies.

♪『Masterpiece Concerts~4 Concerts/ at Sapporo Concert Hall, Kitara~
Masterpiece Concert starts at 2pm on Saturday in Kitara with masterpiece for easy listening. For some concerts, there will be a talk session by the conductor.