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2020.7. 3

Intermediate Report on your donation COVID-19(as of June 30, 2020)

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra wishes that this COVID-19 will be resolved as soon as possible, and at the same time, wishes early recovery to those who suffer with this infection.


As of end of June, 2020, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra could not appear in 62 concerts, that were either cancelled or prolonged. The loss is counted up to more than 250,000,000 JPY.

We are honored to report that the donation has become more than 27,000,000 JPY, from 1,400 donors as of end of June 2020.


≪We are very much grateful for your support.≫ 

Total 27,849,514 JPY  1,413 donors (from April 1 to June 30)

『Online Donation』14,872,711 JPY 1030 donors(including 63 Support Plans)

『Cash or Bank Transfer Donations』     12,976,803 JPY   385 donors(including 70 donors)


In addition, there are new 72 patrons(7 companies/organizations and 65 individuals) summed up to 5,955,000JPY.

There are also 1,545 crowdfunding applications (find H) which summed up to  19,358,000JPY. (as of June 30)


〔Donation to Sapporo Symphony Orchestra is applicable for tax exemption〕

Certificates (receipts) needed for applying tax exemption are posted from our office to those who applied until May 31, 2020. If not yet arrived, kindly contact Sapporo Symphony Orchestra.

Inquiry – Sapporo Symphony Orchestra TEL:+81-(0)11-520-1771