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Sapporo Symphony Orchestra expresses deepest thanks to Inamori Foundation

Inamori Foundation has been recruiting artistic organizations suffering from COVID-19 for “Inamori Foundation Culture and Arts Support Program.” Sapporo Symphony Orchestra has been selected as one of the organization for this program and being granted 5,000,000 yen.

As we are to stop performing because of COVID-19, this support from the Inamori Foundation is deeply appreciated. We accept this donation for continuation of the orchestra.

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra


What is Inamori Foundation Culture and Arts Support Program? Inamori Foundation announced that it would support art and cultural organizations which have to stop their performances due to COVID-19 prevention act. This program is carried out with a help of GEIDANKYO (Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations). Inamori Foundation wishes that with this support, light of art and culture would not extinguish as many artists are at risk of their survival. –translated from website of Inamori Foundation.