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【Sakkyo Special Concerts on July to August 2019】

【2019年7~8月札響特別演奏会のお知らせ】 【2019年7~8月札響特別演奏会のお知らせ】
【Sakkyo Special Concerts on July to August 2019】
【Sakkyo Special Concerts on July to August 2019】

We will bring “Sakkyo Pops” and “Summer Holiday Special “ for July to August, 2019

Tickets will be on sale starting at 10am on Thursday, May 23.

(Presale will start on May 21 for Sakkyo Member and on May 22 for Kitara Club and Doshin BUNBUN Club Members.)


♪Wed., July 17 from 7pm 『Sakkyo Pops Concert Vol.17』

Part I of this program will bring you to the treasure-music related to the Moon and the Stars arranged and conducted by Mo. Koichi Fujino. There will be solo performances by Miyako Seki, principal oboe, and Maki Tsuruta, associate principal trumpet.

Part II will be with Mr. Hiroshi Itsuki, who has celebrated his 55th anniversary as one of the top starts in Japan.

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♪Sat., August 10 from 11am and from 2pm 『Sakkyo Summer Holiday Special~Okepan Ⅳ』  

This is the concert for everyone- adults and children all together- Okepan.
It is a unique performance of pantomime with the orchestral sound.
This year, we will bring a new version of Okepan.
When the conductor, Mo. Akira Miyagawa stands on the podium and starts the conducting, two cats come out on the stage and ask questions to Akira-san….
Your body may start to dance together with happy music of the orchestra.! 

Each concert(11am&2pm)、is 1 hour long without intermission. Everyone is welcome, of course babies and toddlers too!

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