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Good Discounts - Good Subscription

札響定期演奏会のお得なチケット情報 札響定期演奏会のお得なチケット情報
Good Discounts - Good Subscription
Good Discounts - Good Subscription

Join us at the Subscription; there are more discount tickets, other than becoming a subscriber or Lucky Friday Club member!


♪My Favorite 3

You can purchase a set of three tickets from 2019 Subscription concert series. You can mix Friday and Saturday Subscriptions. If you buy three tickets together, there will be a discount of 11 to 20% (comparing to the sum of three single tickets).

・Details of My Favorite 3: only)


♪Happy Late Ticket

If you happen to stop by at Kitara during the intermission, you can enjoy the concert with 50% discount! (On the day of the concert only)

•Hall entrance is permitted only during the intermission.

•This ticket is available only at the intermission on the day of the concert at the Box Office. There will be no reservation.

•For more details: