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8/21 18:30~

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Tokachi Shimizu Concert 2024.August.21(Wed)18:30~ Shimizucho Bunka Center Large Hall

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Tokachi Shimizu Concert
Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Tokachi Shimizu Concert


conductor / Shurihito Matsumoto

Song List

Mozart Marriage of Figaro Overture
Mozart Symphony No. 38
Beethoven Symphony No. 6 "Pastoral"

【Tickets on sale from】June 14 at Doshin Playguide and Seicomart; July 21 other ticket offices

Ticket Information

Ticket 【All Free Seating】General:3,000 yen, Senior High or younger:1,000 yen ※plus 500 yen on the day of the concert
<Ticket Offices>Shimizucho Bunka Center, Shimizucho Mikage Kominkan, Shintokucho Kominkan, Memurocho Chuo Kominkan, Shikaoichomin Hall, Obihiro Shimin Bunka Hall, Doshin Playguide, Seicomart (Secoma code: D24082102)
※Preschoolers cannot attend this concert.
※Whell chair users, please call Shimizucho Bunka Center (0156-62-5115)
※Some ticket offices may ask you to pay handling charges.
※The content of the concert may change due to unavoidable reasons.
※Tickets are not refunded unless cancellation of the concert by the sponsor.
Online Booking
Doshin Playguide
Doshin Playguide
Sponsors Shimizucho Board of Education・Hokkaido Shimbun・Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Nominal Support Shimizucho Bunka Kyoukai Kyogikai
Subsidies Agency of Culture, Japan Arts Council
Inquiry Shimizucho Bunka Center 0156-62-5115(weekdays 9:00~17:00), Sapporo Symphony Orchestra 011-520-1771(weekdays 9:30~18:00/some Mondays are closed)

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