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12/31 17:00~

Silvester Concert 2023.December.31(Sun)17:00~ Sapporo Cultural Arts Theatre hitaru

Silvester Concert
Silvester Concert
Silvester Concert
Silvester Concert


conductor / Shigeo Genda

Saxophone / Kohei Ueno

Percussion / Shun Ishiwaka

Soprano / Saya Kawashima

Song List

Yutaka Osaka Concerto for Alto saxophone and Orchestra (commissioned by Kohei Ueno/World premiere)
Shun Ishiwaka Concerto Suite 『playgroundz(for Percussion)』/ World premiere
Gershwin Summertime from Porgy and Bess

2023 HTB Silverster Concert

HTB Silverster Concert started in 1997
As the main guest for this 26th Silverster, we will invite one of the top Japanese, young artists, Kohei Ueno, who continuously challenges to new programs and expresses the maximum of what the saxophone can present. He appeared in number of TV Programs, such as MC of “NHK-FM x classic” program, “Untitled Concert” and “Jonetsu Tairiku.” We will also invite Shun Ishiwaka, and Saya Kawashima. Shun Ishikawa has studied percussion in The Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, and graduated Tokyo University of the Arts, and is the first drummer in Srv. Vinci which later changed its name to KingGnu. He is now participating in “millennium parade” of Daiki Tsuneta, and has taken part in the film “BLUE GIANT.” Saya Kawashima is a soprano, based in Sapporo, who played the major role in “Creative Opera Mix), the production by Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater.
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Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Friday, September 1, 2023
Ticket All reserved seating (tax incl.) Platinum 10,000 yen, SS 7,000 yen, S 6,000 yen, A 5,000 yen, B 4,000 yen, Junior High or Younger (A,B only) 500 yen
【Ticket Box】 Citizen Community Plaza Ticket Center, Ticket PIA, Lawson Ticket, Seven-Eleven Multi-copy and Seven-Eleven Website, Doshin Playguide, HTB Corner, Asahi Family Club
※Preschoolers cannot attend this concert. ※Junior High or younger students purchasing A or B, please bring a certificate that can certify the age.
※Unless the concert is cancelled, there would be no refund. Participating artists, program or order of program may change due to unavoidable circumstances.
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