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12/15 19:00~

Subscription hitaru Concert Series No.11 2022.December.15(Thu)19:00~ Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru


Conductor / Kentaro KAWASE

Saxophone / Kohei UENO

Piano / Atsushi YAMANAKA

Percussion / Shun ISHIWAKA

Song List

NIELSEN A Fantasy Journey to the Faroes
Takashi YOSHIMATSU Cyber-bird Concerto (1994)
MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 3 "Scottish"

The concert series in hitaru on a weekday, starting from 7pm.

【2022-2023 A set of four hitaru series】will be on sale on Tuesday, February 15, 2022
※A Set of Four: S 19,200 yen, A 16,000 yen, U25(A) 5,000 yen
※Ticket Offices: Doshin Playguide, Community Plaza Ticket Center, Kitara Ticket Center
『 Listen to Subscription hitaru Concert Series』
『2022-2023 Season』Leaflet(PDF-Japanese only)

【Single Tickets】will be on sale starting 10am on Wednesday, October 19 (for Sakkyo Members, September 29~)

●The concert will take place following the governmental request re: “Limitation on Events under COVID-19.” Details of our action will be on this website.
There may be change in appearing artists and/or program depending on the situation re: COVID-19.
●Tickets of the concert is non-refundable unless cancellation by force majeure. Please consider your conditions and circumstances before purchasing your ticket. (as of January 2022)

川瀬 賢太郎(2022年4月~札響正指揮者) © Yoshinori Kurosawa

Kentaro KAWASE(Conductor)

Born in Tokyo in 1984 and graduated with a degree in conducting from the Tokyo College of Music in 2007, having studied under Junichi Hirokami, Yasuhiko Shiozawa and others. Was awarded 2nd place (which was the highest level with no 1st place) at the Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting in 2006, and since then KAWASE has received invitations to conduct Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra among others. He was also the assistant conductor of Pacific Music Festival (2007~2009). Kawase is to be Resident Conductor of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra from April 2022.

上野 耕平

Kohei UENO(Saxophone)

Born in Japan, Kohei started playing the saxophone at the young age of eight in his school band. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, instrumental music department. Kohei had attracted public attention from an early age and made his debut while still in school. Reviews include: “Listening to just one note, I knew Kohei was specially gifted.” Kazuki Yamada, conductor “I have never heard such sounds from a saxophone. He is an eye-opener.” Keith Lockhard Kohei made a sensational senior debut winning 1st prize at the 28th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition, youngest ever in its long history. In 2014, he won a prestigious 2nd prize at 6th Adolphe Sax International Competition in Belgium. His recital in 2016 was a great success with all unaccompanied works at the B→C Concert. He continues to challenge new repertoires and pursues all possibilities of the saxophone. His first CD album “Massage to ADOLPHE” was released in 2014. The following year, he released a CD with Panda Wind Orchestra where he is concert master. 2017 saw his debut CD with The Rev Saxophone Quartet. His third solo album “Breath”, with the unaccompanied Bach, is scheduled to be released in December 2017. Kohei has also appeared in various medias including the Japanese popular TV program “Untitled Concert” and ” Houdou Station” . He is a lecturer at Showa College of Music. He is a member of The Rev Saxophone Quartet and concert master of Panda Wind Orchestra.

山中 惇史 © Takafumi Ueno

Atsushi YAMANAKA(Piano)

Atsushi Yamanaka, a classically trained pianist, composer, and arranger, was the First Prize winner of the 2015 Sougakudo Concert Hall Japanese Songs Competition upon his graduation with a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees from the Department of Composition and Piano Performance at the Tokyo University of the Arts, where he studied with Akira Eguchi. His musical arrangements are highly acclaimed and they range from a variety of musical genres, such as pop to classical. In 2018, he made his recital debut as a pianist. He has appeared as a pianist for the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra and his compositions and arrangements also have been performed by these leading orchestras in Japan. Many of his instrumental, chamber music, and choral works are published by Yamaha Music Media and Kawai edition. The CDs he has recorded have been selected as a special edition by the Record Art Magazine. He has also appeared in numerous numbers of prestigious musical series such as NHK "Classic Music Hall" and NHK-FM "Recital Nova". In 2020, he formed the piano duo "176" (Un Sept Six) with pianist and composer Yusuke Takahashi, which performed orchestral works of his own arrangements. Their latest album "John Williams Piano Collection" was released on Avex Classics International Inc. in 2021.

石若 駿 © Takara Mahaya

Shun ISHIWAKA(Percussion)

Percussionist, born 1992 in Hokkaido. Studied percussion at the Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Graduated from the same university, and won an Acanthus Music Award and a Douseikai Award at the time. Next to leading his own projects, including Answer to Remember, SMTK and Songbook Trio, he also appears at live performances and recordings by such artists as Quruli, CRCK/LCKS, Kid Fresino, Ohzora Kimishima and Millennium Parade. His most recent activities include the “excursion” type performance Shun Ishiwaka + Nobuyoshi Asai live session. In addition to soundtracks for the movie Architecture, Time and Kazuyo Sejima and the NHK audio drama Okujo no shinnyusha, he also contributed music for promotional movies for products and series such as OU (Yamamoto Co., Ltd.), “Niji no koku chapter 15” (Madame Figaro), LOEWE FW21 | Exploring Happiness, and “Jordan – Tokyo Fearless Ones” (Nike). In 2022, he wrote music for the NHK program Ending Cut together with Tomomi Oda. Co-performances with overseas artists include appearances at concerts in Japan by Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jason Moran among others. At YCAM, the new concert piece Sound Mine by Miyu Hosoi + Shun Ishiwaka+YCAM was unveiled in 2019. Web site:

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Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Wednesday, October 19, 2022  Member Precedent Release : Thursday, September 29, 2022
Ticket (S)¥6,000 (A)¥5,000 (B)¥3,500
U25 (A or B)1,500 yen ※for anyone born on 1997 or later for the fiscal 2022. Need to show your birth certificate.
※Preschoolers cannot attend the concert.
※Premium Seat 8,000 yen (limited seats)/1st floor Center or 2nd floor the first row- only from Lawson Tickets
※Smile Seat(may have poor stage view 2,000 yen; already selected seat on sale on the day of the concert; Ticket may be sold out if regulation is announced by the governmental organizations. )
※There will be not ticket sales at Kitara Ticket Center.
※Sakkyo Members with 500 yen discount for S and A.
※Register your name and contacting information when you purchase your ticket at Ticket Offices. Your information may be handed over to the health authority in case of ※Seating patterns for this concert is normal, that is there will be no space between each seat. Ticket may be sold out if regulation is announced by the governmental organizations.
Organizer Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Nominal Support Hokkaido, City of Sapporo, Sapporo Board of Education
Sponsor ANA
Subsidy Agency of Culture, Japan Arts Council
Inquiry Sapporo Symphony Orchestra +81(0)11-520-1771

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