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7/9 15:00~

Sakkyo Tokachi Shimizu Concert 2022.July. 9(Sat)15:00~ Shimizu Bunka Center

Sakkyo Tokachi Shimizu Concert
Sakkyo Tokachi Shimizu Concert
Sakkyo Tokachi Shimizu Concert
Sakkyo Tokachi Shimizu Concert


conductor / Gen Ohta

Song List

Rossini William Tell Overture
Grieg Peer Gynt Suite No. 1
Sibelius Karelia Suite
Mozart Symphony No. 41 Jupiter

120th Anniversary of Shimizu

≪Kindly cooperate in prevention of COVID-19≫
・Please wear face mask always, and cooperate in body temperature measurement and sanitize your hands and fingers.
・Those with body temperature of above 37.5℃ or shows any symptoms, cannot attend the concert.
・Please write in your name and telephone number on the back of your ticket and handed it over to staff upon entrance. Your information may be presented to health authority if needed and will be discarded on a later date.
・Please refrain from eating/drinking in the lobby and do not talk loud inside the hall.
・Kindly exit the hall in orderly fashion following the staff instruction.

Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Ticket All Free Seating : General 3,000 yen, Senior High and younger 1,000 yen
※Plus 500yen on the day of the concert
※Preschoolers cannot attend this concert.
※If you wish to attend the concert on a wheelchair, please consult the venue beforehand.
※Additional fee may be added when purchasing your ticket.
●Ticket Box:Shimizu Bunka Center, Mikage Kominkan, Shintoku Kominkan, Memuro Chuo Kominkan ,Shikaoi Chomin Hall, Obihiro Citizen Culture Hall Ticket Ripe, Ticket PIA

In case of force majeure, program and/or appearing artists may change. Ticket is refundable if the concert is cancelled by the sponsor, but otherwise it is not refundable. Please consider your body condition and or circumstances when purchasing your ticket.
Online Booking
PIA tickets【P code:217-750】
PIA tickets
Organizer Town of Shimizu, Shimizu Board of Education
Hokkaido Shimbun, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Subsidy Japan Arts Council
Contact Shimizu Bunka Center (0156-62-5115)
Sapporo Symphony Orchestra (011-520-1771)

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