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5/12 15:00~

Sakkyo Symphonic Brass 2019 2019.May.12(Sun)15:00~ Sapporo Concert Hall; Kitara

Sakkyo Symphonic Brass 2019
Sakkyo Symphonic Brass 2019
Sakkyo Symphonic Brass 2019
Sakkyo Symphonic Brass 2019


Conductor / Junichi Hirokami

Special Appearance / Hiragishi Junior High School Band, Hiragishi HIgh School Band*

Song List

Part I, Orchestra Stage C-M. Schönberg / Les Misérables Selection
Mascagni / Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo
Ravel / Bolero
Part II, Brass Stage Masanori Taruya / Tears of the Princess KUSHINADA flowing in Hii*
Repertoire for 2019 Brass Competition I to IV
Chang-su Koh / Concerto for Wind Orchestra

Brilliance of the Brass Band and Magnificence of the Orchestra- all in one day

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広上 淳一

Junichi Hirokami(Conductor)

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Ticket Information

Ticket Sale From Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Ticket Free Seating 3,000 yen U25 1,000 yen*
Reserved Seating** 4,000 yen U25 2,000 yen*
*U25 is for those who are born in 1994 or younger
**Reserved seats are set in the area of CB Block, and sold only at the Kitara Ticket Center.
For those who wish to purchase tickets for 10 or more attendee, contact the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Tickets are sold at Kitara Ticket Center (Free seating and reserved seats), Ticket Pia (Free seating only), Lawson Tickets (Free seating only), Doshin Playguide (Free seating only) and Sankyo Gakki (Free seating only).
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