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2024.7. 2

2024-2025 Subscriber ≪Join us from September Subscription!!≫

2024-2025 札響定期会員 ≪9月入会(1ヵ年途中入会)≫ 募集中!!
2024-2025 Subscriber ≪Join us from September Subscription!!≫

We have started accepting application to become Sakkyo Subscribers from September Subscription Concert (for five concerts).

Subscribers can have designated seats “MY SEAT” for subscription concerts with a discounted price, and can enjoy special service only for members. If you cannot come to your original date (Sat. or Sun., you can switch the date by letting us know beforehand.)


【How to Apply】

1.Apply via 『Lawson Ticket』Lawson Ticket (Japanese only)

 ・You can select the seat you like before purchasing.

 ・Credit card payment is accepted on the site. Or you can make your payment at Lawsons.


2.Apply by filling in 『Subscriber application form』Application format on Sakkyo official website (Japanese only) 

 ・Kindly understand you cannot select your seat. We will notify you our proposed seat number based on your liking.

 ・Your seat number (MY SEAT) will be notified to you with the invoice. You can pay the fare from our official website or via postal bank. Your seat would be finalized upon completion of your payment.

【Fare and details】

 ・Subscriber fare:joining from Sept. Subscription (for 5 concerts) SS 26,250 yen, S 22,500 yen, A 18,750 yen, B 16,875 yen, C 13,125 yen, U25 5,625 yen

 (For your information-sum of single tickets for 5 concerts:SS 36,000 yen (discount of 9,750 yen if you purchase each ticket singularly) , S 31,000 yen, A 22,500 yen, B 25,500 yen, C 17,500 yen, U25 7,500 yen)

 ・Details on Subscriber:

 ・Additional Services:Invitation to Open rehearsals and exchange party, advance and discount purchase of some of orchestra concerts, Switch date service (subscription concerts- Sat. ⇔ Sun.) and easy entrance by showing QR code.

【Subscription Concert Program】


■Following tickets are also on sale.

 ♪『My Favorite 3』~Select 3 concerts that you like!

 You can select three concerts from any of 「Subscription Concert」「hitaru series」「Masterpice Concert」

 ・For more details: (Japanese only)