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2023.7. 5

The late Masaki Tanaka, Stage Manager, were presented Akio Watanabe Music Foundation Special Award

The 31st (fiscal 2023) Akio Watanabe Music Foundation Special Award was to be presented to the late Masaki Tanaka, Stage Manager.

Akio Watanabe Music Foundation was established in 1992 to contribute to the development of musical life in Japan, with respect and following the great achievements made by the late Akio Watanabe, the prominent conductor in Japan.

”Masaki Tanaka was warm hearted and resourceful, that he let appearing artists to feel safe and assisted them to concentrate on performance, which made all the activities by the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra bright and happy. His attitude did not change even during the years of his illness. Very sadly, he passed away in February 2023, age 57. We would like to express our deepest condolence and remember his work with many thanks,” is the reason for this presentation.

●For more information on Akio Watanabe Music Foundation, visit Japan Philharmonic Orchestra website (Japanese only)