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2021.10. 4

『Sakkyo Calendar 2022』will be on sale from November 2021

『Sakkyo Calendar 2022』will be on sale from November 2021

Sakkyo Volunteer Pricky will be selling 『Sakkyo Calendar 2022』 from November, 2021.

It is a monthly calendar and introduces our beloved conductors and various activities of the orchestra.

Photographs on each month is equipped with AR (Augmented Reality)* and you can enjoy different sound and video by scanning each page. *can be downloaded from COCOARII application.



One copy 1,500 yen (incl. tax)

【28 pages B3 size full color/ can be hanged from the wall】


〔Shop information〕 One copy 1,500 yen (incl. tax)

Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Shop, Yamaha Music Sapporo, Couch & Four, Elm Gakki Honten (Sapporo),and Sankyo Gakki. The calendars are available from November 1. 2021.

※The calendar may be purchased at the concert halls. (This depends on the conditions re: COVID-19)


〔Postal Service Available〕 ※2,000 yen each (including 500 yen of handling fee)

●Pay at the Postal Office

By filling in a blue payment sheet fixed in the postal offices, make a payment necessary for the number of calendars that you wish to purchase together with the information below.

≪Information to be filled in≫

・Account Number 02790-1-77917

・Account Name 札響ボランティア(SAKKYO BORANTEIA

・Your address, name and telephone number (who making the order)

1) Number of calendars that you would like to purchase

2)  Address, Name and Telephone Number of the place that you wish to have the calendars be sent. (If this information is same as the purchaser, you need not to write in this information.)

・Write in the total amount in yen in the relevant column on the blue payment sheet.

Calendar price (2,000 yen for one copy, 3,700 yen for 2 copies of one delivery, 4,000 yen for 2 copies of two deliveries)

※Kindly pay any transfer fee requested by the postal office.


『Sakkyo Volunteer Prickey』is assisting orchestra’s activities by selling Sakkyo CD and merchandise. Prickey helps by inviting younger music lovers to the concerts.

●Merchandise Sales: