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Ticket Informaton on Masterpiece Series 2019-2020 "Applause and Tchaikovsky"

【4/20当日券情報】 札響名曲シリーズ「喝采とチャイコフスキー」
Ticket Informaton on Masterpiece Series 2019-2020

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Masterpiece Series
With Mo. Ken Takseki, the orchestra will present Symphonies composed by Mozart and Tchaikovsky and with Mr. Can Çakmur, winner of the 10th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition, we will present Beethoven’s Piano Concerto.

The concert starts at 2pm on Saturday, April 20 in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara.

Tickets will be on sale starting 1pm at the Box Office, Kitara.

●SS 5,000 yen, S 4,000 yen, A 3,000 yen (U25 1,200 yen)

※U25 are for those who are born on or after 1994. Needs to show the birth certificate.