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The 616th Subscription Concert Tickets and Lobby Concert

2月15日・16日 札響定期演奏会 当日券販売とロビーコンサート
The 616th Subscription Concert Tickets and Lobby Concert

The 616th Subscription Concert

Friday, February 15 from 7pm and Saturday, February 16 from 2pm both in Sapporo with Mo. Junichi Hirokami and Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, piano

~All Ravel Program~

Ravel/ Morning Song of the Jester

Ravel/ Piano Concerto in G major

Ravel/ Menuet Antique

Ravel/ Piano Concerto for the left hand in D major

Ravel/ La Valse


●Tickets will be on sale at

■Friday – 6pm at Kitara Box office; Saturday- 1pm at Kitara Box office

・SS 6,500 yen (sold out for Saturday), S 5,500 yen, A 5,000 yen, B 4,500 yen, C 3,000 yen, P (Free Smile Seats) 2,000 yen

※For those who born on or after 1993, U25 seats 1,500 yen are available (B and C seats only). Please bring your birth certificate.

※Please follow the instructions given by staff while you are in the Kitara Hall. Kindly understand that the sponsor or Kitara hall will not bear any responsibility for accidents or injuries occurred by not following the instruction.


●Lobby Concert

■Friday, from 6:30pm and Saturday, from 1pm at the foyer.

G. Rossini Sonata for Strings No. 3 in C major with Akiko Okabe and Sayura Akama, violin, Mei Takeda, cello and Takashi Osawa, double bass.