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Immediate Release 2019-2020 Subscription Concert

速報! 2019-2020シーズン『札幌交響楽団定期演奏会』ラインナップ発表 速報! 2019-2020シーズン『札幌交響楽団定期演奏会』ラインナップ発表
Immediate Release 2019-2020 Subscription Concert
Immediate Release 2019-2020 Subscription Concert

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra is entering its 58th year and our 2019-2020 Season Subscription Program aims to be

a series production of 10 programs under one theme, which listeners can further encourage their interest and understanding towards music.

We will be having Matthias Bamert, Chief Conductor, Tadaaki Otaka, Honorary Music Director, Junichi Hirokami, Friendship Guest Conductor, Max Pommer, Hubert Soudant, Olli Mustonen, Kentaro Kawase, and Heinz Holliger who will be celebrating his 80th birthday. And you cannot also miss our prominent soloists joining us on the stage.


★2019-2020 Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Subscription Program Click here(PDF) (Japanese only)

★Message from our Chief Conductor, Matthias Bamert~Click here (PDF)(Japanese only)


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